Jun 162011

Best place to live on earth that’s why I guess you need to create problems to feel alive from time to time ,eh?
People are rioting for freedom, for equality, for human rights, for democracy all over the world and you riot for a fucking hockey game??
What did those shop owners do to you? what about the vehicle owners? the city council? yeah way to go assholes.
Hope you get castrated/spayed so you don’t pass your stupid genes.

May 272011

Don’t you just love when “friends” that you haven’t spoken to in like 2 years, suddenly say hi because they need a favor from you?
Specially if it’s to get jeans that are not available where they are living now?

Apr 062011


Dear idiotic Lebanese

A portion of the Lebanese society has been demonstrating to abolish that stupid sectarian regime for some weeks now, that regime that has made Lebanon one of the most corrupt countries on this earth, a country where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, and instead of supporting this movement you get scared from it? you defend your religion?
shoo jeib teez la mar7aba??
Secular does not mean Atheist! In a secular country you can still worship what ever god you wish to worship. It only means that state and religion are separated! no sheikh, no priest no what ever long bearded guy will tell the government what to do, and that’s the only way that this hole gonna stand up.
The funny/sad thing, I am writing this for nothing; the people who are gonna read this already agree with this…

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Mar 302011

In Lebanon everybody complains about scooter, they’re noisy, annoying, their riders don’t respect any law what’s so ever, they go the wrong way, they ride on the side walk, they wave in and out of traffic and if you hit them with your car , it’s your fault.
Well, In Montreal, when you take a Motorcycle course and they show you pictures of things not to do, surprise surprise Lebanese scooter drivers come up in their presentation…
Thank you for spreading your retardation 2 continents and an ocean away…

Jul 262009

Getting babies: 5 years of shit, and 5 extra years of crying, then 10 years of rebelion and finally they leave…

Mar 042009

What is it with Israel and the number 88?

88 Airplanes strikes Gaza the first day, 88 palestenian homes to be demolished in East Jerusalem.

Don’t they have a clue what 88 stands for??

H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, 88 is HH  a number used by neo nazis to say Heil Hilter!

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Dec 082008

So it seems that we are on our way to have one extra guiness record in the name of Lebanon, the world’s heaviest potato at 11.3 Kg , 3 times the current record holder 3.5 kg. The farmer Khalil Semhat insisted that he did not use any chemicals or fertilizers to achieve it. I am sorry to tell you this Mr. Khalil, YOU might have not used any chemicals but remember where you are? the south of Lebanon. Remember the depleted uranium and phosphoric bombs spread all over the south by israelies during 30 years? Remember the tons of toxic waste burried by our dear militia men from all fractions during the civil war?. Yep, you may not have put chemicals yourself, but someone did …

Anyway, something good came out of all of it, thank you Israel, thank you Militias.

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