Jun 292009

I never ever understood some men who would only marry a virgin specially if they have been fucking around for a long time(if they are both virgins, then its fine its just their convictions then), I mean if they considering getting de-flowered (yeah stupid term) evil , bad, dirty, or what ever, then why would they want to do that themselves? it means that they are total sadistic assholes wanting to be the only person doing the “ruining”…


Dec 092008

Everyday I get several hits from Saudi Arabia, 2 from friends, 1 from a guy hanging around an irc channel and the rest, are Saudis coming from Google with the terms: Lebanon/Lebanese, Girls, fucking. So I would like to mention, this isn’t a dating site, nor a pornsite. And if you like fucking so much, why don’t you change your country medieval laws?

Thank you and go away.

Aug 252008

Me and my friend Joe were discussing personality types a few days ago, about how INTJ people like to analyse and profile people, as you have guessed it I am an INTJ as well. I found this nice ability that lets me estimate to almost a week accuracy when a couple that look perfectly happy together, will break up.

Usually there are 5 stages of an incompatible relationships the length of each stage is dependent how smart the potential breaker will be, how early he/she will notice the incompatibility even with the initial NRE(New Relationship Energy).

Stage 1: The NRE. the other is amazing, perfect partner, everything about them is cute, amazing, lovely, hot, sexy. At the end of this stage, the breaker would start noticing some incompatibilities but they will usually ignore them: its fine, we do not need perfectly alike, opposites attract after all.Basically deluding themselves.

Stage 2: The others. After an initial stage the couple will start seeing friends again at a most recurrent pace, not like first period when only the two go out on dates and basically fuck each others brain out.  Friends will start measuring up together, and in a while they will notice the incompatibilities better than the couple. Specially if there is a big personality difference, like if the girl is fun, sweet, highly sociable one and the guy is a quiet, barely talking , guy who sits in the corner not talking at all(the friends of the female will notice the incompatibility, the friends of the male would think that the girl is amazing). The friends of the female usually start probing around with “innocent” questions, but in fact they would be trying to show the girl that they are incompatible in an indirect way.  At this stage, on the outside everything looks like normal, on the inside, the breaker would start thinking more with the head and not with the genitals, but still they deny their feelings as stupid and the other person is just amazing, and they are just being silly even thinking about that.

Stage 3: Fun without the other. At this stage, the couple start to have an alone time, they start having guys only night outs, girls only night outs, just to be back in the normal life. They miss their lives after all, they miss the crazy things that they do with the gang.(there is a problem here if either is not in their usual environment and the only friends they have, are the friends of the other person). At this stage, they both start oggling others “innocently”. At the first two stages, even the horniest men, wouldnt even bother looking at other girls, no matter how hot they are.

Stage 4: The decline. The breaker specially will start noticing that they miss a lot there old selves, the type of fun that they used to do, and they do not do anymore. At this stage, the breaker will start becoming quieter, the other person will start noticing something wrong, the breaker usually blames it on something else: work, other friend, pms or what ever.

Stage 5: The break up. It starts by started going out more and more alone to do the stuff that the breaker loved to do. Until one day they find another person who they share much more in common that their current lover.at this stage the break up is in a matter of around 10% of the time that they spent together in total.(10% is a vague estimate on observations alone, no sources to back it up). Thought the person that started the break up, will rarely be the new lover. They would instead just be friends.

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Dec 252007

Everybody knows by now that Human sexuality is something that I read a lot about, as a hobby and interest, and from time to time I stumble upon forums or questions asked and answered by experts supposedly; there is a question that men still repeat over and over and over again and more or less they get the same answer again and again and again from women who bend the truth slightly to prevent a massive melt down in our fragile male psyche.

The question is: Does penis size matter? Is bigger better? how small is too small? (And lots of variants of the same topic).

My answer for you guy is: Yes size matters, yes bigger is better(until a limit, depending on the woman), yes smaller doesn’t feel the same for them. Don’t start crying now, hopefully you are adept enough with your tongue to compensate, rich enough or open minded enough :P.

Before you ask where did I invent my answer from, just go and hang around pure women forums (without saying a word), those forums are usually disguised as a magazine forum, shopping forum etc. and see for yourself.I think that’s the easiest way to know, since you already seeking answer online from me instead of a woman.

Just think about it, women always answer the same thing when confronted with that question: “no it does not really matter, unless its too small (first hint that size matters: usually anything average and smaller is well… SMALL ), and I always prefer a guy with a small penis who can use it, over a guy with a large penis who can’t.”

Great, did it give you confidence? men are so thick headed, let me try to give you an analogy that most male cerebrums can analyze and understand.

Question: Does a car with sporty specs(200+ hp, sports suspensions etc.) matters from driving faster?

Answer: No it does not, unless its toy car that you have to push with your legs. Its always better to have a honda civic with an excellent driver (lets just say Michael Shumacher), than having a Ferrari and the person does not know how change manual gears.

You got it now?

Does it need more explanation?

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Jul 112007

So I was in London for 5 days, basically to see Metallica in Wembley stadium which was on Sunday, London is almost an exact opposite of Edinburgh, its wild, chaotic , exciting all the time, and the weather , compared to Edinburgh, is heavenly.

I am seriously considering applying for jobs here as well, its just cool :). Don’t take me wrong, Edinburgh is very cool, but really I am really tired of being sick here, the weather is so unstable, so humid, and so unpredictable that it gets you.We are in July and it feels like winter in Lebanon, no even worse. It gets on your nerves after a while.Imagine, me , a Person coming from the middle east, got sun burned when I came to London and sat in the park for some hours(just to show how for the last 10 months I barely saw the sun).

Anyway, what was I doing in the park?Well… It wasn’t any park, it was the famous Hyde park to be specific, and I was basically having a beer laying down on the grass watching the tour de France time trials on a Big screen while the cyclists were rotating around the park.It was a festival there as well, all sports and cycling oriented, including French food and merchandises and some greasy, unhealthy but very yummy English food :P. I even tried things called churros …YUMMY.

London’s transport system is cool, specially the underground is efficient, a bit expensive (like everything else in London), and gets packed at peek hours pretty badly, you would laugh when you see people stacked in inside like sardines.

Generally people there are okay, not as friendly as people in Edinburgh, but its to be expected from a big city with over 7 million people, its also so mixed; Edinburgh seems like China with some Scottish, Greek and other minor tourists, its sometimes annoying that its not very mixed, well its to be expected from a city mainly built around its University and where its well know within China.bleh.

Now a very important thing, since London is more mixed, women are from all around the globe, its also a trendy city which means there is a lot of different type of beauty and they all keep up with fashion, and they take care of themselves much more than people in Edinburgh do. I will make a comparison between the two cities soon.

Generally it was kinda fun there, but since I was alone I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could, and I only had 3 full days to take advantage of, its very very expensive, if you want to go think triple at least for everything in Lebanon (I had 26 pounds Steak,thought…it was the best steak I ever had…). Oh and if you ever want to go there, don’t be cheap with the hotel… I went to a cheap hotel, Called Queens Hotel, WHAT A DISASTERRRR…cracked walls, and basic stuff aren’t found there, they don’t give you the typical bathroom stuff like shampoo , not even a damn TOWEL, and there is an old lady at the reception who was very very rude, I arrived at 10:30 pm and I was dead tired, I asked if they serve any food she replied in a rude way:” just don’t go there, we only serve Breakfast in here”. So I went in to put my stuff and on my way out, I asked again to confirm if they stay 24 hours on the reception: she replied also in a rude way: “I already told you the first time”. So what ever you do, don’t go to Queens Hotel 33 Anson Road next to Tufnell Park, oh and btw it was not that cheap… 227 pounds for 4 nights in a shitty place…not cheap at all…the room was barely half my own room in here.The Tv had 4 channels, One day I had to shower in very cold water, there was a boiler next to my room and it was very noisy, there were no insect grill on the windows, so I couldn’t open the window and it was hot like hell…

Anyway, Enough of the bad things…METALLICA WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE … They rocked Wembley Stadium, there were thousands of people, The stadium is huge and they played only old songs not from the St Crap Album, and on top of that they said they are coming next year and with a new album :).


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May 312007

Remember this previous post?

Well it seems that some women are living a particular lifestyle that gives them what one man cannot.

How? Simply by having sex with any man they want, whenever they feel like it.

Some men will jump now, defending the cheated poor husband, well that’s where the interested thing lays: the husband knows and approves of her actions.Since he knows he can never satisfy her (usually a man with a tiny penis), so he prefers to give her freedom than lose her(or in some cases she is so strong that she imposes her freedom despite him, poor him).

And no its not a 2 way open relationships, in those relationships usually the man stays monogamous, while she has all the fun she wants, and for some reason those men are content of that.

So what is it for us, single men? ALOT. why?

Those women tend to be hot, they take care of themselves to the max, they dress sexy, they are pretty experienced and confident, and for our luck they are MARRIED.meaning, we can have much fun with them without having a full fledged relationships, we would be lovers, not husbands, we would be the object of desire but not “in better and worse” man.

Can we stay like that forever? nope…sooner or later we would need someone to share our lives with and settle with, just make sure you satisfy her enough :P.(hah, yeah right… like that is possible :P)

There are a lot of sites online that deals with such lifestyle, but after browsing around I think scandalouswomen is the best, since its from the women point of view and tends to be more down to earth than other websites where mostly masochist men just tell their fantasies which varies from mild to damn scary.

Enjoy girls 😛 and if you need a date I am always available :P.

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Apr 272007

1)Learn Languages: German(again),Swedish(guess why :P),Norwegian/Danish,Swiss-German,Greek,Indian,Japanese,Chinese,Italian,Spanish, Catalan,Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Farsi.

2)Get 2 motorcycles, a cruiser for everyday use and a track sports bike for weekend fun.

3)Get back to Judo.

4)Add Kendo to that.

5)Make the world tour on a motorcycle.

6)Finish 10 triathlons.

7)Be top 10 in at least 1.

8)Have a threesome, make that two… FFM and MMF.

9)Get a dog.

10)Do the Paris-Dakar race.

11)Cruise the US on a Harley

12)Own a Boat and live in it.

13)Visit all Continents.

14) Do humanitarian work in Africa for a year.

15)Join the mile high club.

16)Buy my parents a nice house in the country side.

17)find someone to share all this with me.

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Apr 172007

Are women biologically designed to have multiple partners?
1) Women are multi orgasmic, they do not need to rest after each orgasm like most men do.Should the second man take over at that moment?

2)Women drive men crazy, they want a sensitive guy, and a rough guy, delicate but agressive, with a lot of power but they want to have power over him too, with a lot of money but they want their financial independence, and they can never make up their minds about penis size ,well they do: size does matter.But it seems the variety is what keeps them wanting more.

3)Women reach their sexually peaks after 30 (35-40 or so), men reach it at 17/18.(is nature making a cruel joke?).

4)The biggest fantasy of married men, is to watch their women having sex with another guy (single men have the fantasy of have 2 girls at the same time instead).In fact its encoded in their genes to get pumped with testosterone when they do (which translates to 2 reactions: turned on or violent…depends on the person).Its a natural defense to more excited, sperm production peeks, so he can join in and have the most chance impregnating the woman.

5)Women tend to want muscular, manly, rugged men when they are ovulating and skinny, sensitive men when they are not. (if you can pump muscles in a few days then deflate then good for you).

So what can I deduct from this? women want an old guy with a lot of money, sensitivity, take care of her emotionally, be her best friend, AND give her the freedom to have sex with whomever she wants (ie: young muscled rugged men that can last for ever in bed).

Now, the perfect thing would be: You (yes the man reading this) are young, muscled, and can last forever in bed (learn some tantra and kamasutra), Also you are rich, have some artistic nature, sensitive, educated about women needs, open minded, and have a lot of power (outside home).Good luck with that!!!!!