Sep 052009

Check what the fucking lebanese are doing there.

Leave it for the Lebanese people to be one of the most disgusting , retarded people on earth. Yep, rob those babies from their innocence, good call!
5 years olds???Those parents shouldn’t have had kids in the first place, they should have been neutered and not every allowed to have kids ever!
Mother fuckers! What are they doing? prepare them for a paedophilia ring? or maybe just prepare them to be pretty, shut up and be the future wives of the macho men from the east that come every summer to pick up beautiful brides that would look great next to their million dollar car. Of course only in their garage…

Fucking Lebanese and their shallowness and their idiocy , What the fuck is that? People in the entire world are finding ways to empower women, to put her more in high political positions, parents are teacheing their daughters how to be stronger and take shit from no body! Except Lebanese!

Parents: Baby, be pretty ok? shut up ok? we will find you a nice rich husband. You just stand in the corner and pout! Its okay he might be 40 years older than you, but its okay, you still have your whole life ahead…

And people wonder why I hate stepping foot in Lebanon!

Update: On the other hand this is cool, that’s what women should do!


And parents should do this instead!

Jun 062009

One of my good friends works in an IT company in charge of several employees and today he pasted something for me because he was so frustrated by a reply he got.

The following is his irc chat log and I changed his nickname, and the address details and country but leaving the important thing…

15:55 < Frustrated> oy
15:56 < Frustrated> I sent our a form to be filled out by employees, here’s how
it goes:
15:56 < Frustrated> 1. Street: Pleasance Street
15:56 < Frustrated> 2. POBOX: 48292012
15:56 < Frustrated> 3. Zip Code: 490239032
15:56 < Frustrated> 4. City: New York
15:57 < Frustrated> 4. State: Married
15:57 < Frustrated> 5. Country: United States
15:57 < Frustrated> —
15:57 < Frustrated> logical ey?
15:57 < Frustrated> State _Married_
15:57 < Frustrated> ffs

Some people are complete retards…

May 152009

A few hundreds thousands years ago, an Alien species predicted the death of their planet when it gets swallowed by a moving black hole; they needed an escape plan.

They discovered a planet some hundreds light years away that had the perfect distance from a star, but the environment wasn’t suitable for them, and the surface didn’t get enough much needed radiation from their star since it was shielded. Since they were a lazy specie, they decide to let someone else do their job. So they asked their computer to create a destructive, agressive, stupid species that can be implemented on earth and its sole job is to destroy that planet , change the atmosphere from Oxygen saturated to a hot, Carbon and SulphurĀ  saturated, microwaved surface. So the Human species is born.

Our creators are pretty impressed, we are doing an excellent job and surpassing their expecations, they might move in a 100 years or so.

Oct 062008

We middle eastern just love to fight, and if we don’t fight usingĀ  missiles and cluster bombs we find something else to fight about.

I was just reading some hilarious that some Lebanese union wants to sue Israel for stealing Lebanese food and market it as their own , as their own cuisine.At first glance you would think , yeah! in what right they do that?? we should sue their asses! the argument is that we Lebanese have been cooking these dishes for hundreds of years before even israel existed!

And there’s the fucking problem!! Lebanon is 5 years older than israel!!! Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine have been more or less counted as one unit for thousand of years! the Levant! we have the same food, the same culture, the same habits, and if you really want to dig it up, almost the same language etymology wise.What we cook, is that what all those newly found countries cook! the difference is a bit of extra salt here, a bit less of pepper there, one ingredient more or less just to reflect a certain area, I mean even in Lebanon kebbeh of the north is different than kebbeh of the south! the only truly dish that came 100% from the current lebanese with its current borders is the tabouleh! I am not sure about the baba ghanooj. But humus , falafel, shawarma, sheesh tawoo2 etc. are not a Lebanese invention! its something from the whole area!!!!

But hey at least we make them the best, and no body can deny that!

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Dec 292007

So in this dream I forgot what I was doing, but basically I cut the end part of my index finger and it was bleeding heavily and for some reason I didn’t go to the hospital, I don’t remember who was with me, but I had the severed part with me and tried to put it back on the cut finger but it looked weird as if it was an extra part it looked to long, and after a while the bleeding stopped and did not hurt anymore, only when I try to put the severed part again it would hurt…don’t remember all the details…but weird…

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