Apr 302013

…at work
I do not see my coworkers as man/woman, I see them as coworkers.

So when a certain young woman at work tries to be cute and girlish so she does the minimal work required and makes other guys do her work. She loses all respects in my eyes.
When a young woman is given a task to configure a certain system for the whole team to use, then she does the bare minimum so only her stuff are covered, then she counts on other guys to do the rest. She loses all respects in my eyes.
Unfortunately I have a certain coworker that does that… I see men doing her crap all the time. She tried to pull that on me, I was extremely rude to her and put some distance.
Every once in a while she tries to do it again.
She tried that yesterday and at the end I came this morning to see the work finished, but done by another coworker.
I had to have a talk with him.

I see it this way, women fought for 50+ years to get equality and a “girl” like that craps on it all.
Equality comes with the advantages and disadvantages.Deal with it.

Jul 012011

So had my last interview with that last company yesterday, seems positive. They’ll get me an answer next week.
I need to start making income within a month or I won’t be going to Edinburgh anymore since I would be spending the money reserved for it.
No matter I would not be going to Edinburgh in september, I need to have the 3 months probation done before I go to Edinburgh, unless I can make a deal with them.
Will see.

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Jun 212011

So got ask to come to the final interview on Monday the 27th to meet the dev lead and CEO.
Will see what happens. Also still hoping that the medical systems company calls me.

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Jun 182011

Since I quit my previous job, my energy level is up there. I am liking computers again, I am coding all the time, hours pass by and I don’t even notice. I am working till 4 am everyday and I don’t even realise it.
Loving it :).
it’s all good, I expected by now to have a bit of regret for quitting.But nope, still think it’s the right decision :).
The last company I did interview with had a target of a salary is 62.5% more than than my previous job. Which if I get, would allow me to relax, and actually enjoying my life even more.
Hoping for the best :).

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Jun 112011

Got another interview tuesday, I had one last week too.
It’s interesting, I only applied to 3 jobs and I got 3 interviews. When I was in scotland I spread my CV for like 2 years, and I got like 3 interviews.
Hoping for the best :).
Also trying to find a name for my project.

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Jun 072011

So I was today at a startup/networking events and it seems pretty interesting, Montreal is the place to be for startups. I talked to a couple of VCs about my idea and they both really liked it and they asked me to talk to them when I am ready. Things are starting to look nice. If I can find funding , I would be able to work from home and be my own boss :).

Got a question for you all does a thumb ring have any meaning?

Oct 152010

There are 4 types of phd student wannabes

1-The Academic: This the only phd student wannabe that actually wants to have a phd for realistic reasons, for a purpose. Usually a well balanced , hard working person, with a bit of eccentricity . Alot of times they are returning students, coming back to do a phd after some years at work.

2-The Immature: That one just doesn’t want to face the real world, so chooses to stay in Academia just to delay the inevitable.

3-The Delusional: The one that thinks that having a phd degree will open the road for better positions and better salaries, not realising that a phd will over qualify him them for most work and if they get hired they will ge the minimal salary that they would have gotten if they got a BS degree.

4-The dreamer: the person who would save the world with a phd.

Type 1 is the rarest…

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