May 112009

There are alot of Lebanese websites that I visit daily to get my compulsary updates of Lebanon. I visit several sites from opposing political points of views, just to see what each side has to say, then I try to take what’s common, most probably true, and what is different, which means it needs further looking up into; check inconsistency , holes, and previous news to see if its continuous or fishy.

One thing is common to all Lebanese media sites: visually, THEY SUCK.

They have great graphic designers, but very very very bad web designers and publishers. On most sites you see amazing pictures, banners, logos and what not; but regarding the total design, its crap, its cluttered, its full of advertisements that have nothing to do with what I am reading(meet muslim women from Lebanon as an example while reading some sinister news), flashing pictures, endless pages where I have to scroll down to reach the end, several columns, impossible navigation, and totally crap experience generally.

Its like a metaphor of Lebanon, if you focus on a few parts they are amazing, but as a whole its total crap, nothing works as it should, too chaotic, too flashy, too money oriented.


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Mar 042009

What is it with Israel and the number 88?

88 Airplanes strikes Gaza the first day, 88 palestenian homes to be demolished in East Jerusalem.

Don’t they have a clue what 88 stands for??

H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, 88 is HH  a number used by neo nazis to say Heil Hilter!

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Feb 162009

**The Usual Disclaimers**

V) Radical Islam

Point Blank; it scares the shit out of me. Radical Islam scares me much much much more than Zionism.Zionism is restricted space wise, even at its worse radical state Zionism is restricted to an Area a few times bigger than the current Israel. On the other hand Radical Islam is not. Its goal is to take over the world, to be the only religion, to kill anyone who isn’t following it(Infidels, Liberals, Homosexuals etc.) . And its spreading at an alarming rate, fuelled by hatred for the west.

Radical Islam is gaining ground in Europe, UK, US, Canada,Australia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more nation, in a few decades these countries will have a majority of muslims.I

I do not understand Muslims, they escape radical islamic nations like Saudi, Pakistan and Afghanistan and move to a western country only wanting to criticise the way westerners live,  they isolate themselves into ghettos, they go to their own schools instead of mixing, and they want to transform their new host country into what they escaped from.Too Illogical.

The problem with westerners are either fighting it by violence, or doing nothing because of over political correctness.Westerners back up muslim governments , only their elite become rich and powerful while the rest of the people live in shit holes.They treat moderate muslims like crap, they descriminate against them, in airports they get searched the most, muslim and arabic countries are bombed, exploited and raped constantly in collaboration of the corrupt government; all those conditions create Radical Islam. Uneducation, misery, humiliating, explotation create hatred, create violence, create extremitism and the way to combat it is not by bombing like US, UK and Israel is doing, it would only create more.

Lets take Gaza for example, Hamas are criticised that they are terrorists, that they are radical, that they are murderers.What do they expect from peoplke that  have been bombed for 60 years, their homeland shrank from a wide area into a tiny hole, surrounded by high walls, advanced tanks and discremination.What do they expect from people who have been humiliated for decades, where they have the right to work outside the walls if they have 5 kids or more, if they get their homes taken for days for “strategic” needs.People would turn into religion to save them from the unbearable conditions, they would turn to the darker side of their religon (And all religions have a darker side), they will fight, kill and do what ever it takes to make the occupier the humiliater, feel terror and leave them. At the beginning of the bombing of Gaza, Hamas forces were estimated at 15,000, now I expect every father, uncle, brother who had a little child killed or their home destroyed become part of Hamas, those 15,000 will become 40,000 if not more.That’s how Radicalim spread.

Wanna stop it? treat muslims as human beings, don’t give them charity like if they are the lesser humans, instead help them work themselves, educate them, give them freedom, let their economy bloom and then radicalims will disappear!If that doesn’t happen I foresee lots and lots of wars to come, and frankly I would be on the western side, I do not want to be under muslim law since I would be one of the first people to die, since I atheist.

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Dec 292008

People have been asking me to continue writing the pissing everyone off series, I am gonna continue that in a few days, but just wanted to put the outline for what is coming next.

part 5: islamism and radical islamism

part 6: Israel

part 7: Lebanon

part 8: Palestenian territories

part 9: USA

part 10: UK

part 11: Iran

part 12: Saudia Arabia

part 13: Syria

part 14: Solution one

part 15: Solution two

part 16: Solution three

part 17: My Solution

that is roughly the outline, it might change a bit but not by much.

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Dec 162008

**the usual disclaimers**

IV)Zionism : Between Zion and Liberalism

Zionism is dying. The power of Zionism relied on the constant influx of Jews from all over the world, with the will to form their own homeland, around their own sacred sites, away from all the cruel treatment they were getting worldwide. The 5 waves of Aliyahs were all out of need, out of disasters towards Jews: whether its the Polish, the Nazis, the Russians,  or later on the Arabs after the formation of Israel. They all have in common the same feelings, they were angry, afraid, they probably lost everything in the process, and they needed a new place to live. Suddenly they had power, and humans are humans when they get mistreated they mistreat other, they wanted their own place whether they take it by force or other means. They were promised that land, by their god, and by Balfour. The “arabs” only made them stick with each other, to gain power, and they built one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Unlike Christianity and Islam, Jews do not try to convert people to Judaism.  People want to be around people with the same values, same background, same culture.Since the 90s, Jews are coming to Israel for that reason, other than the USA their presence is negligible in the world. The new wave of Jews do not share the same reasons as the people who were before them. They were coming for mainly social reasons, not running away for their lives.They were coming to meet other Jews, to marry other Jews (much bigger choice from their own communities, and Inter-Marriage is a no no since its the death sentence for Judaism since it does not spread usually in another way).Israel became the place to be for Jews, the place where they can meet friends and future partners not a sanctuary from anti-Semitism.Those Jews are Liberal, they have not seen violence ,  they do not have the need to be agressive, they are pacifist and they do not like how the Israeli government work.They are against the settelments, they are with the peace innitiatives, they live generally in Tel-Aviv away from the disputed zones, they are generally young and uncorrupt and they affect other young Jews that are born there, which is seen by the rise in youth refusing to serve in the army, them voting to the left more and more, having more arab friends , and they are the next generation that will take control of israel in a decade or two, striking fear in the extreme right, and hardcore zionist which are trying to do anything to keep zionism alive, by mixing anti-zionism with anti-semitism, making life for palestenians hard , which only results in more fighting , more fear, more hate  and more fundamental Islamism rising which will be explained in part 5.

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