Apr 022012

One of the things about being an INTJ is being able to detect very small pattern changes in anything. We can detect if someone is upset just by the type of words they use, or typos, or anything like similar without the other person telling us.

The problem with INTJ is that we are kinda insensitive and sometimes we blurt out things that are offending and hurtful to others without even knowing that we do that.

So every time I see someone upset while they are talking to me, I keep wondering in my mind if I did something wrong  or I offended them in any way. It ‘s worse when the person is a woman, because all I get is the “I am fine”, which it makes it harder.

I need a crash course in human interaction…


Dec 072011

If you know me, then you know that I am a huge fan of the assassin’s creed series of games/movies/extras_material etc…
I was just thinking the other day that we actually have a group of people that assassinate people, head of governments, corrupt people, fights for the people and tries to protect them. They do not really kill, but they assassinate politically and they actually have a “creed”. I don’t know who they are because generally they prefer staying Anonymous.

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Oct 282010

A year ago, I learned one of my biggest lessons and since then I changed a lot.Part because of bitterness, part because of anger, part because of sadness, but at the end it’s for the best.
Here is my lesson to you in a very crude analogy: Nice guys are like soft toilet paper, they are nice to touch, smooth on the sensitive areas, a good companion when you are getting rid of shit, but at the end they are like soft toilet paper, once they take and clean the shit away, they are thrown away.
Nice guys beware…

May 082009

All my friends and recurrent blog readers (all 20 of them) know that I am highly sensitive about my origin, and that I refuse to be called Arab(if you are new check previous posts). I love when people try to convince me otherwise by saying we have an Arabic culture (as Arabic as Greeks, I say…), but the most funny thing is when they dare to say that I am denying my origin (inkor asleh).

So this is a reply for them, how on earth I am denying my origin? Every Lebanese who says that we Arab is the one who is denying his origin. Not until the Taef agreement that we amended the Arabic adjectif to the constitution, mainly for political reasons (hey they were in taef after all, in the one of the few countries that I can call Arab). The people who say we are arabs, are denying thousands of years of culture and identity that were in Lebanon before any Arab stepped (read: invaded) into Lebanon. I will continue more about this into more details when I resume the “Pissing Everyone Off” series.

For now, I am sticking to my origins, Lebanese Arab wannabes…

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Apr 292009

Self appointed Elites are people who think they are born Elites, more majestic than anyone else, born to do great deeds.There are special conditions to be born Elite, on top of being born to a family of Elites (From both of sides, or you would be only looked down upon from the Elites), you have to follow certain rules and certain traditions that are completely illogical and meaningless for non-Elites, but only Elites understand them simply because of their superiority.

Everybody hates Elites, not because they were treating the non-elites badly, but because they live only together, they don’t allow non-elites to mix with them, they hide everything from non-elites, they do not trust non-elites, they do not marry non-elites, they think that non-elites traditions are stupid and illogical, and they make such extreme rules for accepting non-elites into their group , test them, poke them, making their life miserable by making them follow rules that only a small minority of them bother to do.

But Elites still don’t know why non-elites hate them…

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Apr 042009

So, I was reading some news today that people (read: men) in saudi arabia have requested the ban of a video clip by a Lebanese singer called Rola Saad; The reason given is that its too unethical, her clothes are too revealing, and its close to erotica.

As a guy, all those descriptions fires up the curiosity :P, so I had to check it out. The girl is beautiful, playful and on the naughty side, but nothing erotic to it, her clothes are actually very decent, nothing revealing what’s so ever. Disappointment aside, the reason of the ban is none of the above, since some of our singers have much more risque clips with much hotter dresses, but the real reason is that in the clip she was doing what she wants, she wasn’t listening to her man, she was ignoring him and just having fun no matter what he says then when he is sad she console him with some “kisses”.

In other words, the sum of all fear for saudi men , that their women stop being their absolute slaves, punching bags, objects and dehumanised wrapped up figure, sex hole, baby maker, food maker etc.

A piece of advice for saudi men, what goes around comes around. I just can’t wait for you to become slaves for your women.I will be laughing from all my heart.Oh same goes for egyptian men…

PS:  the link to the Video

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