Jun 252011

What is it about Edinburgh that makes everybody fall in love with it?
I met another Lebanese who studied there , and he can’t wait to go back.
If my plans ever are realised, I am so buying a place there.

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Nov 262008

I miss the spontaneity of Lebanon, I miss getting a call from my friend 10 mins before going out stating they will pick me up. Or planning a long all day trip for the next day in  the middle of the night. Those one of the things I miss the most. To go to see a movie we are talking a week and a half in advance, parties are planned weeks ahead, dinners as well. It just robs a great deal of fun to plan everything.

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Oct 032008

I can’t say how many times(3) I go to a new kebab shop to eat because I am hungry(obviously), asked my origin, then the next question: are you muslim? and its always with this cheeky smile, as if they met their new bestfriend. I mean wtf? what does it have to do with anything? why is it that important to be muslim? bleh!

Yesterday was the worse time…

fuck face:Are you muslim?


fuck face:Are you christian?

me: No

fuck face:What then?


other fuck face: what is an atheist?

fuck face: someone who doesn’t believe in any religion.

other fuck face: aha (frown)

fuck face: so what is your family,  also atheist?

me: (knowing that he wants to associate me whether I like it or not) there are some atheist yeah.

fuck face: all of them?

me: no . (turned my back and finished eating)

fuck face: hmm (invisible frown)

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Feb 062008

BT (British telecom) is the main  telecom provider in Britain , I had to order a phone line 15 days ago to get a working line today…

That’s okay you say? let me tell you the list of problems that I had with them…

1)They do not accept non UK issued credit cards: with the amount of students that come to the UK per year and need a phone line for Internet, that is pretty stupid. Had to send a postal order to them.

2)Supposedly an engineer was  to come today to make sure everything is working, they said he will be here between 8 am and 1 pm, great I had to wake up at 7:30 in the morning after staying awake till 3 am because it was one of my friend’s birthday.

at around 9:30 (I was half asleep in the bed) I heard  the mail man inserting my daily mail through the door slot (Any stupid jokes regarding mail man, inserting and slot would be deleted…)I didn’t pay much attention, around 10:30 I got up of bed and started cleaning my flat and doing things that I have been postponing in ages like counting all the coins that I have acquired since I arrived to Scotland and exchange them at the bank (22 pounds if you must know: 350 coins arranged in pre required bank plastic bags with specific amounts with like 5 pounds left in mixed coins). At around 12:30 pm, I was getting angry that they did not arrived yet, so I went to check my mail and oups…two letters from BT.I thought FUCK: they came while I was still in bed and didn’t hear them…but no in fact they were welcoming letters that had several problems

1) They mutilated both my First and Last name.

2)They said that if I wanted to cancel my installation I should call them at the least 1 day at noon before the activation date (which is today!!!!)

3)The Address was missing my flat number.

4)And on top of that they said the engineer will call me between 1pm and 6 pm…

F****** Great…been tossing up in the bed dead tired for nothing.

At 5:30, still no one arrived, and I had nothing to do, so I reread the welcoming papers and BANG I read the line about the engineer CALLING me, the fucker at the telephone 15 days ago said that he is coming here!!!!… and I didn’t have a telephone since I am getting the line just for Internet…

Ran to HomeBase (Shop with all kinda home stuff) bought the cheapest phone possible, got back at 5:48. plugged the phone waited till 6 (just in case) no body called (of course, who was I kidding…) .

Lovely Services, its good that I did not order Broadband as well…

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Sep 122007

So, for the last 3 months I have been between stages, I sort off finished Uni, but not quiet; still waiting for an appeal if it works out I would have 3 months left, if not I should start searching for a job and hopefully stay in Edinburgh.

Other than that, most of my friends in here left one by one, for the past month I have been saying goodbye to people almost on a daily basis and it sucks!!! Since I know that some of them I will never see again, well that’s life… and a really wise lady said something to cheer me up that made me feel a bit better : ” now you can call the whole world your home”.

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