Aug 232007

And the funny thing its not from Scots, at all I encountered to racist comments in here and the sad thing that one of them was Lebanese, thinking about it Lebanese people are VERY racist.

I was walking in Edinburgh with a Lebanese guy, a friend of a friend and there was a very beautiful black woman passing by, and I said: “Wow she is very beautiful”.He looked at me in a weird way and asked : “So you like black women?” as if its something very weird, I replied to him, does it matter? beautiful people are beautiful no matter what race, He didn’t answer… Racist Fucker.

The other incident happened a few days ago, we were 4 people in an Indian festival celebrating the 60 years of India’s independence and there was a cute girl dancing and shaking and one guy who is dutch said: “I am not indian, but the girl is kinda sexy”.The guy pissed me off, he was like saying she is kinda sexy, and insisting that he is not indian…as if its only indian people are suppose to find her sexy.Bleh…

Stupid Racism.

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Jul 112007

So I was in London for 5 days, basically to see Metallica in Wembley stadium which was on Sunday, London is almost an exact opposite of Edinburgh, its wild, chaotic , exciting all the time, and the weather , compared to Edinburgh, is heavenly.

I am seriously considering applying for jobs here as well, its just cool :). Don’t take me wrong, Edinburgh is very cool, but really I am really tired of being sick here, the weather is so unstable, so humid, and so unpredictable that it gets you.We are in July and it feels like winter in Lebanon, no even worse. It gets on your nerves after a while.Imagine, me , a Person coming from the middle east, got sun burned when I came to London and sat in the park for some hours(just to show how for the last 10 months I barely saw the sun).

Anyway, what was I doing in the park?Well… It wasn’t any park, it was the famous Hyde park to be specific, and I was basically having a beer laying down on the grass watching the tour de France time trials on a Big screen while the cyclists were rotating around the park.It was a festival there as well, all sports and cycling oriented, including French food and merchandises and some greasy, unhealthy but very yummy English food :P. I even tried things called churros …YUMMY.

London’s transport system is cool, specially the underground is efficient, a bit expensive (like everything else in London), and gets packed at peek hours pretty badly, you would laugh when you see people stacked in inside like sardines.

Generally people there are okay, not as friendly as people in Edinburgh, but its to be expected from a big city with over 7 million people, its also so mixed; Edinburgh seems like China with some Scottish, Greek and other minor tourists, its sometimes annoying that its not very mixed, well its to be expected from a city mainly built around its University and where its well know within China.bleh.

Now a very important thing, since London is more mixed, women are from all around the globe, its also a trendy city which means there is a lot of different type of beauty and they all keep up with fashion, and they take care of themselves much more than people in Edinburgh do. I will make a comparison between the two cities soon.

Generally it was kinda fun there, but since I was alone I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could, and I only had 3 full days to take advantage of, its very very expensive, if you want to go think triple at least for everything in Lebanon (I had 26 pounds Steak,thought…it was the best steak I ever had…). Oh and if you ever want to go there, don’t be cheap with the hotel… I went to a cheap hotel, Called Queens Hotel, WHAT A DISASTERRRR…cracked walls, and basic stuff aren’t found there, they don’t give you the typical bathroom stuff like shampoo , not even a damn TOWEL, and there is an old lady at the reception who was very very rude, I arrived at 10:30 pm and I was dead tired, I asked if they serve any food she replied in a rude way:” just don’t go there, we only serve Breakfast in here”. So I went in to put my stuff and on my way out, I asked again to confirm if they stay 24 hours on the reception: she replied also in a rude way: “I already told you the first time”. So what ever you do, don’t go to Queens Hotel 33 Anson Road next to Tufnell Park, oh and btw it was not that cheap… 227 pounds for 4 nights in a shitty place…not cheap at all…the room was barely half my own room in here.The Tv had 4 channels, One day I had to shower in very cold water, there was a boiler next to my room and it was very noisy, there were no insect grill on the windows, so I couldn’t open the window and it was hot like hell…

Anyway, Enough of the bad things…METALLICA WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE … They rocked Wembley Stadium, there were thousands of people, The stadium is huge and they played only old songs not from the St Crap Album, and on top of that they said they are coming next year and with a new album :).


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Jun 172007

There is a certain thrill going to Ikea; yeah I know its not the most luxurious place to buy stuff, but for a student its great, it feels like I going to buy stuff for my apartment,my first apartment, kinda like the feeling when I first took the car on my own :).

Speaking of apartments,  tomorrow I will start the search for a single bedroom flat, I will be living totally on my own for the first time in my life!! I am finally leaving the students accommodations ( Check Roommates from Hell ) so I can start my new life and the big decision is, do I rent a furnished or an unfurnished apartment?

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages

Furnished: well its furnished(probably not to my likings), more expensive, easy moving in and out.

Unfurnished: I furnish it to my likings (but I have to pay alot), less expensive monthly rent, hard moving in and out.

I am still debating if I would be more comfortable with my own stuff or if I can find a cool furnished flat really to my likings :).

Anyway…will keep you updated.

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May 012007

Only in Edinburgh:

1)People paint themselves and dance around only in a thong in the damn cold

2)Only in Edinburgh you can make out with any girl on the 1st of may by saying to her: Happy Beltane.

I love fertility pagan festivals 😛

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Apr 162007

1) Bush killed Superman: Christopher Reeves anyway,If  he wasn’t so conservative and allowed more freedom for Stem Cells Research, Superman might still be alive…

2)In Lebanon you hardly see disabled people or people with mental challenges or down syndrome, it is because their parents and families try to hide them from everyone else? or in Lebanon our genes are so good?(I doubt…).

In Edinburgh, I see them all the time, walking side by side healthy people, working normally despite their disabilities, being productive like everyone else.

So what is different about Lebanon? Shame of them?

3)I wonder what would my parents do if they come to Edinburgh and see all those punk and goth people walking around with 10s of piercings , multi colored hairs,and heavy black make up. Do they know that me and my brother love the goth style? I doubt it… when they saw his piercings they freaked out, then his tattoo it was a disaster… Lucky bastard. I am too hairy to put any tattoo except on my back… will get one when I get enough money for a huge back piece.

4) Today I felt too old to be studying, enough… 4 more months and its over for me. I will not do a PHD next year. Maybe in 5 years…

5)Finally, I am back in the dating game…

6)I cannot do the triathlon in September, the triathlon is gonna be held at Ben Nevis, the high foggy mountain from my hiking trip; its 21 kms up and down.That’s not the problem, I knew its the hardest triathlon ever, the problem its so hard and they do not want anyone to participate that they have a rule which states only people with 3 and more previously accomplished triathlon races can participate.

So what I am gonna do instead is keep training to do the 3 required triathlons in a year and a half (hopefully) then participate next September in the big triathlon.

7)Can’t wait for my flu to go away, so I can back to training. 2 weeks ago I have cycled 25kms my record till now, and I am so damn proud of myself. Next step…25kms with zero resting time :).

8)People ask me if I miss Lebanon, then they get surprised when I say not at all. I miss my family yes… but Lebanon? pfff… its good to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about the silly stuff that happens in Lebanon everyday, will I be able to drive to hamra today, or the traffic will keep next to barbar for half an hour? what time is the electricity gonna be cut today?  is the Internet connection can work today?, because I need to make a research…Will I be able to drive into the street without seeing a small scooter coming the wrong way rapidly ?  Will the day pass without someone making some stupid sectarian remark? Will I be able to say a hello to a girl passing in the street, just because I am passing next to her without her lifting her nose way up the air and give me the menacing look (el ja2ra)…

9)Speaking of girls, 4 years ago I used to be extremely shy even talking to a girl…any girl.Lebanese women used to strike fear in me, they have the I-am-untouchable-girl-unless-you-have-a-new-Mercedes-and-can-buy-me-dinner-at-any-place-that-I-fancy-anytime-I-want attitude (of course there are some exceptions) that changed a lot when I traveled to Europe in 2003 and saw there is nothing wrong with me.

And now in here, this is being reinforced… Sex life in Edinburgh is NORMAL. the way its suppose to be… :P. Well as much normal as it could be when there is some one as freaky and kinky as me :P.

10) I have an assignment due in 21 hours, I haven’t started yet.Others have been trying to do it for 2 weeks now… I think I am gonna finish before them.Heh…