Oct 082016

Blog is in its new home, I already noticed that the site is a tad bit slower to load in here, but really can’t complain I am paying 4.5% of the previous price.It’s not like I get more than 100 hits per month.

I am not making any money from this either , so I am sorry for the 10 to 15 recurrent users, you have to wait a couple of seconds more for it to load 😛


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Sep 102016

I wrote this post 4 years ago, and I realised that I went to Paris twice, Alsace once, Edinburgh once (plus London), Madrid (Spain) and Stockholm since then… The only place I did not go to is Italy, maybe next?

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Aug 262016

Update: found some other hosting , will move the blog in 3 weeks or so. there will be a bit of downtime!

I still pay for hosting services, email services, dns services, etc.. for a blog that is mostly dead.
the renewal cycle will come in 2 weeks, I think I will either retire this blog or move it to wordpress.com and host it for free under something.wordpress.com… it will have ads but meh who cares.
Don’t want to pay $180+ a year for something that is useless.

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Aug 092016

So my next move should be to a city with as much of the following as possible:

1-On the sea
2-Near mountains and Woods (I love hiking and camping)
3-less than 1 million residents
4-Very green city (parcs, green streets, environmentally sound people etc…
5-Fast internet
6-Tech city, easy to find tech related stuff, jobs, parts, etc…
7-Salaries to Cost of living ratio is acceptable.
8-Do not need a car in most cases (but if I want a car [7] would make it possible to do)
9-Good public transport (metro, trains, busses, tram, etc)
10-Biking lanes
11-Summer Temperatures (max:30, average day: 25, average night 18)
12-Spring/Autumn Temperatures (max: 20, average day 15: average night 12)
13-Winter temperatures(min:-5, average day:10, average night 5, perk snows a couple of weeks a year)
14-Religion: the more atheistic the better.
15-Multi cultural city, racism kept to the minimum
16-Languages: Ideally where one of the languages I speak is spoken there ,not necessarily their first language.I would learn their language anyway.I speak Arabic, French, English and Learning German (probably need a couple of years for conversational level) so a lot of languages can be learnt fairly easily from that like spanish, italian, dutch etc..)
17-Within 5 hours flight to Lebanon so I can see my parents often.
18-Good food culture
19-Good coffee culture
20-Educated people, the more university degrees , the more readers, the more science the better…
21-Art is important, museums, exhibitions, live music in small venues (local bands).
22-High Taxes are fine (if the place is not corrupt and we don’t get things in return)
23-Country not involved in any war.

If you have suggestions please tell me the city with the numbers that applies to it.

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Oct 262013

there has to be something more to life than working 9 to 5…(read 10 to 7), then go home and sit in front of the TV or computer.

I have been watching Californication season 4 and you know what? his life is fucked up and all but he has a good life.

If he used it properly that is, no boss, no office, no 9 to 5, free to do what he wants during the day, chill, etc. etc.

I want a life like this, and frankly my domain is not the way to do it. Even if I want to generate “passive income” I still need to work quite a bit daily just to keep infrastructure/code/maintenance/moderation up.

I need to find something…


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Aug 192013

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, and the title is not sarcastic at all.
Someone I know asked me if I really think that Religion is evil and nothing good comes out of it.
He asked that because he kept seeing me repeating an FB status: Religion… the root of all evil.
I usually put that after a car bombing or a massacre that is cause by religious fanatics , the frequencies of which keep on increasing…

Anyways back to the subject; Good things come out of Religion for sure! Specially in the past:

  • When people donate out of religious conviction for the poor or orphanages for example, I call this good that came out of religion. I don’t specifically call the people donating as good, because the true intention of donating is to book a seat in the supposed heaven but nonetheless the good that came out of it (food, shelter, clothes etc) is umm GOOD.
  • When science advances because of religion: Lots of tool, funding for scientists, architecture concepts, etc. got a boost up because of building all those grandiose temples that religion tends to have (highest buildings in the ancient world, most elaborate ornaments, etc.)
  • The first city ever built was built because of religion, at a time where humans did not even know how to grow food, it is called Gobekli Tepe in turkey and it is 11,000 years old where a temple is the centre of it.(Note humans were nomads before discovering how to farm)
  • It gave structure and laws in times where laws did not matter, a fear of punishment was needed to keep people in line. (of course used by the fragile elders to keep control over the young and powerful ).


The problem is at this age: we have laws, we have logic, we have science, and now religion is hindering us. How many scientists were killed by religion because they said the earth is round and it revolves around the sun? how many research were stopped because it is not according to some religion? how many damn wars were because of religion? how much racism, sexism, hate and elitism were caused because of religion?

Fairy tales don’t have a place in this modern world. When we die , we die. You don’t have to invent crazy stories to make yourself comfortable.



Apr 212013

I miss writing here…
but the problem is most of my shit in here was out of frustration to something related to Lebanon.
I have been out of Lebanon for almost 7 years now, I stopped looking at the news there, I am detaching more and more from it.
So the title: self hating lebanese no longer applies…
what to do… what to do…

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Jun 112012

it sux when you find out that your uncle passed away the first thing in the morning from a fucking fb status…

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Dec 292011

I am thinking of going to download festival in june to see Metallica. 🙂
I wanted to go to Download Festival when I was still in Edinburgh, but not affordable to me then.
So go there and then Edinburgh? I wonder…

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