Jul 232011

Will write a big post soon enough. just need to decide about stuff first.
Lots of changes.Lots of news. Lots of digest.

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Jul 052011

It’s good that I didn’t buy any heavymtl(heavy montreal) tickets this year, just knew there is heavyto (heavy toronto)!!!!
And they got Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Anthrax, Slayer, MotorHhead!!! that’s it who needs heavymtl!!!!

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Jun 202011

A big part of me still wants to do a PHD. I am liking coding again, but those commercial products really are not interesting at all, all I think about are scientific applications.
I can’t do a phd now, I need first to get enough money so I can survive a while, because lets face it phd student stipends barely cover rent if I am living alone and I refuse to play the discover your unknown flatmate game. I had a really bad experience in 2006/2007 and I am scarred for life. As well I like my privacy and the ability to walk around naked in my place :P.
Will see what I do, I need first to let enough time pass because maybe there is a subconscious need to be a phd student in Edinburgh… So I need to eliminate that possibility and decide with proper reason.
As well if phd is on the horizon I would have to sacrifice my motorcycle tour dream or then I would have to do it much later in life.
Will see…

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Jun 102011

Damn you igoogle for not letting me see the les paul google doodle yesterday!!!!, I just knew about it now!!!!

Update: never mind :)! There are timezones after all :). google.com still had 20 mins left of les paul :). Best google doogle yet :).

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Jun 022011

gonna clean up the blog, for typos, grammar and other stupid stuff.
tags, categories, comments might go crazy for a bit. bare with me, I have 90+ posts to clean up , will do them bit by bit.I am removing Anonymous comment possibility too :).
If you want to comment register or put your email at least :P.

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May 202011

started the design and programming of my website , the url will be myfirstnamemylastname.com , for those who know it :).
There is nothing there yet.


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