Apr 092009

[20:23:01] Kodder: oh well
[20:23:02] Kodder: πŸ™‚
[20:24:16] Kodder: put the meat back in the fridge
[20:24:22] Kodder: in the mood for some potatoes
[20:24:39] Lucy: oooh yummeh
[20:24:41] Kodder: yep
[20:24:46] Lucy: i had pizza earlier
[20:24:47] Kodder: got those frozen oven ones
[20:25:01] Lucy: ….frozen oven potatoes?
[20:25:05] Kodder: yep
[20:25:11] Lucy: …like chips you mean?
[20:25:15] Kodder: yeah
[20:25:16] Kodder: lol
[20:25:20] Lucy: good
[20:25:25] Lucy: got so confused then
[20:25:41] Kodder: still dont have the habit of calling them chips
[20:25:47] Kodder: they all potatoes to me.
[20:33:54] Lucy: hahaha
[20:34:01] Kodder: πŸ˜›
[20:34:16] Kodder: well they are πŸ˜›
[20:34:19] Lucy: true
[20:35:19] Kodder: had to go the check the bag
[20:35:22] Kodder: yep : oven chips
[20:35:23] Kodder: πŸ˜›
[20:35:32] Kodder: so what’s the difference? πŸ˜›
[20:35:44] Lucy: between potatoes and chips?
[20:35:48] Kodder: yeah
[20:35:52] Kodder: just the shape?
[20:35:59] Lucy: potatoes are like the whole potato i guess
[20:36:04] Kodder: okie hehe
[20:36:07] Lucy: you know. no-one has ever asked me this before
[20:36:09] Lucy: wait
[20:36:12] Kodder: lol
[20:36:14] Lucy: you don’t call crisps chips do you?
[20:36:18] Kodder: yep we do
[20:36:25] Kodder: crips and chips
[20:36:28] Kodder: chips are fries
[20:36:37] Lucy: no i mean
[20:36:40] Kodder: and we have baked potatoes
[20:36:44] Lucy: crisps potatos
[20:36:45] Lucy: i mistyped it
[20:36:51] Kodder: no I call them chips
[20:37:09] Kodder: american terminology
[20:37:09] Lucy: so why do you call chips/fries potatoes?
[20:37:28] Kodder: coz they are fried
[20:37:33] Lucy: no i know
[20:37:39] Lucy: i get why you call them fries
[20:37:46] Lucy: but why do you call the things you have there potatoes?
[20:37:52] Kodder: lol
[20:37:56] Kodder: this is sooo confusing
[20:37:56] Kodder: lol
[20:37:59] Lucy: i know!
[20:38:01] Lucy: let’s stop it now
[20:38:01] Lucy: my brain hurts
[20:38:03] Kodder: yep
[20:38:05] Kodder: hahah
[20:38:18] Kodder: I am soooo saving this and posting on my blog…
[20:38:21] Kodder: will change your name.
[20:38:30] Kodder: to protect privacy πŸ˜›

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  3 Responses to “Confusing potatoes…”

  1. now i feel like chips …
    not disclosing which terminology i’m using tho πŸ˜›

  2. Hehehe!!
    and cute!!
    and it reminded me of a chat session we had a couple of days ago and that involved the number 150 :P:P

  3. you should’ve also changed your name πŸ˜› for privacy

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