Dec 092008

Everyday I get several hits from Saudi Arabia, 2 from friends, 1 from a guy hanging around an irc channel and the rest, are Saudis coming from Google with the terms: Lebanon/Lebanese, Girls, fucking. So I would like to mention, this isn’t a dating site, nor a pornsite. And if you like fucking so much, why don’t you change your country medieval laws?

Thank you and go away.

  6 Responses to “Dear Saudis”

  1. you know you’ll only get more hits by using those keywords in your post, don’t you? 🙂


  3. for real kodder…fuck dem saudi’s….let them get a life…wankers…nomads..

  4. Delirious, yes I know, and that’s the first thing they will see.
    Mimi :P.
    Deebo hehe 😛

  5. deebo and you have a life?

    Kodder I agree with you. But don’t you think it takes a lot of money, guts, and mass mobilization to make these changes in Saudi? Man the Saudis themselves are fleeing from Saudi to more moderate places cause they know it will never be possible to make the change… Or some of them are just too patriotic and decide to live it out for the sake of their ‘homeland’, which I think is crap. Patriotism is overrated.

  6. posh, I never heard of saudis making a riot of any any kind, ever!
    those people who leave are a minority.
    and I do not believe in patriotism, what’s the point.
    for me any -ism is just a way to believe that you are better from anyone around you.

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