Sep 292008

I need to apologise for some ideas that I used to have about you; When I came here , I thought your sense of dressing is very bad, and I used to compare you with the way Lebanese girls are dressed up where the hips are usually prominent and emphasised.

In Reality you were just following the fashion faster than Lebanese girls, I was checking some pictures of what I miss in Lebanon for the past 2 years, and surprise! Lebanese girls are dressed up just like you!

Damn designers! they killed something that men love to see, the swinging of the butt while women walk!

I need to start my own fashion line…

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  3 Responses to “Dear Scottish Girls…”

  1. hehehehe definitely!!! let me know i’ll invest some money in it!!! 😛

  2. Actually I don’t think there will be any need to invest in your fashion line. I guess if we want to follow it we will just have to walk around naked so it’s cost free 😉

  3. chrisie not exactly 😛
    maybe some green leafs to cover some stuff, just for some mystery 😛

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