Mar 202007

considering moving to my own site.
install wordpress and have everything there…
what do you think?

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  1. i was considering that also.
    i guess u have to buy the domain and the upload capacity (1 gega?) for a year or something.
    but what stopped me is that i cannot direct all my old posts to there. cause i read about problems doing that, so i am afraid that i’ll lose my archive.
    moreover, i am not sure, but u can’t use html there, thus i can’t use odeo embed features.
    well, it depends on ur priorities. i guess u don’t have much concern about the odeo, right?
    if u have any answers for any of the above questions, share them 😛

  2. hey hillz.
    I already got since 2 years now, and its been sitting around doing nothing.
    I have a 4 gigs account which should last me sometime (but I have a picture gallery too…).
    I am not gonna move my archive, just gonna leave it here, and the last post would (I moved to and the first post in there would (if you want older posts go to chezkodder.)…
    about odeo no clue, but I can always find a way around it.

  3. oh and btw, there is a easier way… just buy a domain and make blogger handle it.

  4. eh salbeh 😛

    Anyway, no archive will be lost, I moved a previous blog to and nothing was lost so… but the thing we have our own server.

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