Oct 282011

I guess I am becoming less and less Lebanese day by day, I can’t understand them anymore.
There has been this post on Ivy Says blog, where a girl dumped the guy she has been seeing for 2 months because he replied to a dinner invitation with her family with a “not wanting for them to think we are serious”.
Then the blogger asks if she did the right thing, all Lebanese except one (and one not sure) replied with along the lines of: yeah, what an asshole, she did the right thing.
Am I the only one who is seeing this as weird???? they have been seeing each others for 2 months. In my mind it’s not even a relationship status, it is still an early fling status… but from the comments seems 2 months in Lebanon is like : Hey, we are official, we are in a serious relationship.
I didn’t know that Lebanese are like teenagers thinking they got something concrete after 2 months. Maybe too much pressure for marriage, or maybe they are lost , not sure which traditions to follow eastern or western (keep in mind that the posts says she has been “dating” many guys).No wonder the divorce rate is so damn high.
The more time pass the less I understand you people… I might have to soon buy a new domain.

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  1. I wonder if her parents serve them kibbe zgherteweye, if so, he missed on some good fooood! I would date Sally if that is offered after 2 month.

  2. But from another point of view … maybe she wanted to introduce him as an good friend, nothing serious ,,, and when he refused she realised he didn´t had any guts to face her family. So she gave up on him, when she saw he didn´t have any courage and man in him. Who knows!

  3. Hehe Sam.

    Adriana, the girl is from a place called Zgharta. It’s a village up north known for conservatism. Introducing a guy to the family is a BIG thing. HUGE thing. In the post Ivy explains that she introduces them as “friends” usually, but from his response I assume she did not say this.
    In a conservative place introducing a guy to the family = “we are serious, very very serious, like marriage serious”.

  4. 3 things :

    1 – the guy acted like a douchbag that’s for sure, he wasn’t very of a gentleman to say it like that. A bit of diplomacy for god sake, especially with the ladies.

    2 – the girl overreacted .. or well maybe not .. she just “acted” like every stereotypical Lebanese “chick” would have acted .. you know with false honor coming from nowhere (+ tons of mascara & lipstick ..) that dumb b..ch could have put him at her feet for being so insensitive in his reaction and yet she just dumped him. Proving that she was really sending him into a serious meeting with the parents and trying to force him to get official (IT’S LEBANON PEOPLE, it doesnt work like in the west countries..)

    So in fact the guy is the lucky one .. he could have felt for some fake person who’s personality are only based on conveniences “à la libanaise” (which is hell in my point of view)

    3 – don’t take it so personal .. it won’t get any better in Lebanon, not anytime soon. You will get yourself sick at that rhythm .. let it sink .. keep the good memories .. and just .. let it sink.

  5. Just do what I did, meet and surround yourself with liberal people 😛 you’ll forget you live here…

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