May 282011

Edit : Read this again today (wrote it at night yesterday), it seems as if I am calling myself nice/sweet/etc , what I meant what usually women say about me.

So been training and losing weight for quite a while now, and I reached a stage where I look pretty fit.It feels great, my knee stopped hurting , I can wear straight jeans instead of loose ones, and when a t-shirt comes out of the dryer a bit snug, it doesn’t look bad anymore.
It’s all good and all, but the reactions I am getting is what it feels weird. I am used to be the nice/sweet guy , the dependable guy , the guy that would be a good husband and father (been told LOTS of time that by several female friends) but now it seems I seem attractive to the opposite sex and that something I am really not used to be. When a lady is pretty nice to me, and flirty , I feel weird and in my mind I am like why is she so nice? what does she really want? maybe she is drunk or something …
Most guys would probably want to kick my butt now, but you must realise I always been that shy geeky nice(read:wimpy) guy and I am really not used to the attention.
I know I am different: I am more confident, a bit more extrovert, much more comfortable with my own skin, have a big drive again, and depression free . I should get used to it I guess.
Yeah today a lady called me hot…

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  1. lost weight and nothign happened 😛 got it back, at least with food I have something

    sad isn’t it

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