Dec 252007

Everybody knows by now that Human sexuality is something that I read a lot about, as a hobby and interest, and from time to time I stumble upon forums or questions asked and answered by experts supposedly; there is a question that men still repeat over and over and over again and more or less they get the same answer again and again and again from women who bend the truth slightly to prevent a massive melt down in our fragile male psyche.

The question is: Does penis size matter? Is bigger better? how small is too small? (And lots of variants of the same topic).

My answer for you guy is: Yes size matters, yes bigger is better(until a limit, depending on the woman), yes smaller doesn’t feel the same for them. Don’t start crying now, hopefully you are adept enough with your tongue to compensate, rich enough or open minded enough :P.

Before you ask where did I invent my answer from, just go and hang around pure women forums (without saying a word), those forums are usually disguised as a magazine forum, shopping forum etc. and see for yourself.I think that’s the easiest way to know, since you already seeking answer online from me instead of a woman.

Just think about it, women always answer the same thing when confronted with that question: “no it does not really matter, unless its too small (first hint that size matters: usually anything average and smaller is well… SMALL ), and I always prefer a guy with a small penis who can use it, over a guy with a large penis who can’t.”

Great, did it give you confidence? men are so thick headed, let me try to give you an analogy that most male cerebrums can analyze and understand.

Question: Does a car with sporty specs(200+ hp, sports suspensions etc.) matters from driving faster?

Answer: No it does not, unless its toy car that you have to push with your legs. Its always better to have a honda civic with an excellent driver (lets just say Michael Shumacher), than having a Ferrari and the person does not know how change manual gears.

You got it now?

Does it need more explanation?

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  5 Responses to “Does size matter?”

  1. so.. do I understand correctly?
    you’re worried that your penis is small?

  2. naaa, I am just informing you.
    If I am worried I wouldn’t write a fact :P.
    but seems you are worried 😛

  3. > If I am worried I wouldn’t write a fact :P.

    Or maybe, you know that this is what people would think, so you use it to your advantage.

  4. good! iam glad to see you!

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