Feb 012007

So like usual every Thursday noon, I ride my bicycle all the way from the dorms building to the classes building situated like 300 meters away :P.
well… a few mins walk is replaced by a 30 seconds ride. which is cool.(yeah i am lazy)
Today as usually i was late, so I cycled as fast as I can, reached the building, searched for a parking place for my bike, opened the lock put it around the bike and lock it.
then left to class.
if you haven’t noticed the mistake there, let me explain.
I put the lock around the bike ONLY, it should be around the bike AND the parking rail…
I came back, and I start laughing my ass off when I saw it, everyone around me was like: wtf is wrong with this guy? he is looking at his bicycle and laughing…

moral of the story: I am hungry.

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  1. lol lashou terbeta bi shi 😛 lucky you no one took it

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