Jul 292009

A friend of mine who will remain anonymous (no need for her to get fired) was telling me how her boss asked her to learn a programming language, a web framework so she can be able to do web programming which implicitly require her to learn databases design and query language. No problem here if she is a computer scientist, but  she is a graphic designer. His reasoning  is that  its very easy, and they should learn everything.

Great, programmers go to university for 4 years learning logic, programming software engineering; endless sleepless nights and skiped parties and people think that our job can be learned in a matter of a few hours. No wonder no body understands; when they require a web programming and they get an estimate of several thousands dollars they get shocked ,and think a web application costs like $50 at best (including design and hosting).

Some people need electric poles up their asses…

  6 Responses to “Everybody “is/expected to be/think themselves as” a programmer”

  1. Graphic designers face the exact same problems! So i totally identify with ur designer friend… We are often asked to do things outside our domain, and whenever we’re asked to do something we actually know how to… it is always underestimated.. thats sad..

  2. Y’know, I spent three years studying physics and another studying acoustics, and I only got my job in acoustics once I had learned PHP and put that fact on my CV. It was one of the things they were most interested in. Funny that.

  3. hehehe, the funny part is when they actually want to modify a web application or software, they talk about it as if it’s sooooo trivial, even they can do it. They go like “just add a button here, that can contact nasa, launch a shuttle and just show me a detailed report of the FBI log”, “it’s nothing really, just a small button”. They actually think that the coding is just as small as the button itself 😀

    But i mean let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to program!! and i’m not sure if they should even delve into that shit once they know what’s in it.

  4. You skipped parties so you study? oh you poor geek! i dont remember studying at nights!

  5. Its true the other way around as well, some idiots ask programmers to be Graphic Designers when it comes to developing web based apps or websites. I mean i can fiddle around with some tools but i can’t deliver the same quality material as a graphic designer can.

  6. Poor her…I go through the same hell EVERY single day…i get design tasks sometimes…and the same phrase “oh it’s easy”!! “btozbaaaaat”..”mabada she wlo”…”what?? 2 days estimation?? you have 1 hour!!!”..
    Oh..and the same scenario that happens all the time..you get 5 days to work on 1,2 and 3..then you end up working on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,……2348329482309 in half of the period!! “walaaaaaaaw”

    Ughhh 🙁

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