Apr 042009

So, I was reading some news today that people (read: men) in saudi arabia have requested the ban of a video clip by a Lebanese singer called Rola Saad; The reason given is that its too unethical, her clothes are too revealing, and its close to erotica.

As a guy, all those descriptions fires up the curiosity :P, so I had to check it out. The girl is beautiful, playful and on the naughty side, but nothing erotic to it, her clothes are actually very decent, nothing revealing what’s so ever. Disappointment aside, the reason of the ban is none of the above, since some of our singers have much more risque clips with much hotter dresses, but the real reason is that in the clip she was doing what she wants, she wasn’t listening to her man, she was ignoring him and just having fun no matter what he says then when he is sad she console him with some “kisses”.

In other words, the sum of all fear for saudi men , that their women stop being their absolute slaves, punching bags, objects and dehumanised wrapped up figure, sex hole, baby maker, food maker etc.

A piece of advice for saudi men, what goes around comes around. I just can’t wait for you to become slaves for your women.I will be laughing from all my heart.Oh same goes for egyptian men…

PS:  the link to the Video

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  1. true… and it’s already happening… very early stages…
    that’s why sillier and sillier stuff are getting banned each year

  2. Saudi government and legislation and theological institutions are fucked in the head. I loved your post and I agree with every word you said…


    that I have to insist that these are all generalizations because not all Saudi men and Egyptian men are like that. On the contrary, the people from Saudi and Egypt I’ve met so far are as it gets.

  3. * are as cool as it gets.

    typo lol

  4. Jad I know, in a few decades they will be under their boots.

    Posh, look like all societies there are exceptions, I am atheist for example and anti-religion but the majority of Lebanese may not practice religion, but they identify themselves by their religion, believe in a god, look at me in disgust when they know I am atheist. I do not represent Lebanese, and same for the saudis and egyptians you met, which I think you met in London if I am not mistaken.On the other hand I met saudis and egyptians here, they aren’t exceptions…

  5. I totally agree with you. there is nothing erotic on that video.

  6. oh this is so true! :’)

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