Dec 042006

… or what ever its called in english (for the lebs: Ikhraj el Kayd).
For all people who aren’t Lebanese, our ID has this fucking weird that habit that it includes our religion (well sect to be specific), and frankly it has nothing to do with me, I hate that people pass it from father to son like if its an object.
So I am asking the lebs in here, am I allowed to put “atheist” instead?
can I apply for it?

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  1. Although the Identity card doesnt not carry the religion for some reason they keep it in the Ikhraj Eid. I wish we can do that and put atheist, or for me I would put human.
    This is what we want, a secular country w nekhlas min kil hal ta3assoub w ydal el faith

  2. There was a suggestion a long time ago to add an eighteenth sect “The Seculars” and use that on the ID. As for the use of “atheis”, a friend wanted to do that to avoid the army because you supposedly lose some civil status in Lebanon if you are declared atheist. I am not sure what became of that.

  3. kidding me?
    I lose some civil status if I don’t believe in a god?????

  4. only in Lebanon…

    well, and KSA… but then you wouldn’t be alive to actually lose any status. 😀

  5. Can you post some articles for the Lebanese law which state that you lose some civil status if I don’t believe in a god?

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