Sep 262006

So i was walking in a mall with my friend trying to find a big backpack that I can take it around when I go shopping.
He warned that ahead there are israelies selling dead sea merchandise.
of course while we were passing next to them, one of the girls smiling and all stopped us.

She: hey guys can I have a minute of your time?
me: Sure.
She: oh, where are you from?
Me: (grinning) from lebanon.
She: oh really? escaping all the comotions from there?
Me: no just studying in the university.
She: aha, and are you going back?
Me: sure, on xmas vacation.
She: how about some dead sea merchandise.
Me: no its ok.
She: you can take them as presents.
Me: no its fine really, the dead sea is near Lebanon.
She: I know.
Me: yeah, All i have to do is cross the border and I am there.
She: (with eyes buldging), oh?
Me:anyway gonna go now, take care.

was i rude?

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  2 Responses to “Happened today in edinburgh”

  1. Was she cute? We all know you are a perv.

  2. haha… 😛
    you bitch 😛

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