Oct 112008

I have a thing for helping people, when I do that it makes me feel good about myself so in  a way I help people for my own good.

On the other hand, the worse feeling in the world for me is busting my ass trying to help someone, working for hours just to make their life easier while doing something, and then not even be acknowledged for all that help.Its a direct kick to the balls.And any man would tell you it fucking hurts!

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  1. you?! helping people?!! that’s inconceivable!!! but yes you’re right, i’ve never known anyone that genuinely helped people without getting any benefit for it, it’s just not natural!! and yes it hurts, that’s why you should stop it!!

  2. yep, I am taking your advice.
    I am not fucking helping anyone anymore!

  3. who am I kidding.
    I am going to help 2 friends just now on 2 seperate things.

  4. um, maybe its a girl thing… but if it’s not going to hurt you, of COURSE u always help people. always!

  5. p.s. i also know that despite the bravado, you are secretly a super-sweet guy. so embrace it 🙂

  6. Thank you, but I think I should lesser my “sweetness”.
    its bad for me at the end.

  7. 3mol mni7 w kib bil ba7er… you do good things to do good things and that’s that!

  8. no 😛
    I do good things to feel good 😛
    if its doesnt feel good, then I dont do it!

  9. Kodder,

    I don’t believe in altruism. Generally, we do good things cause we feel good doing good things. In our minds, it’s like getting two birds stoned at once.

    ‘sweetness’? for a guy? umm, get rid of it!

  10. thought so!

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