Jul 082008

When young you have imaginary heroes, superman, batman,spiderman, wonderwoman or whoever was your hero when you were a kid.In your teens your idols are usually Rock stars, Actors, Actresses, or whoever you found wild enough to tickle your fantasies.But when you become an adult, other than your parents, you would have a few selective heroes that do things that you either want to do, or you aspire to become like them.

I have a few heroes like that: George Carlin(Joe Bless him), Michael Schumacher, Valentino Rossi, Jacki Chan, and Nick Sanders.If you are not into motorcycles, you probably never heard of Nick Sanders, so let me enlighten you: Nick Sanders is a motorcyclist, an adventurer, a philosopher, a writer and most importantly a great guy whom I had the honor to meet last march at the Scottish Motorcycle Show in Edinburgh, He is the current record holder for fastest globe circumnavigation on a motorcycle which he did on a Yamaha R1 in 2005 in  He made the trip in 19 days 3 hours and 25 minutes with a total mileage of 19,650.

It wasn’t his first time circumnavigating his globe(his is not a typo), in fact he is now doing his 7th one doing 55,000 miles, 45 countries in just 120 days!!! In fact he has his own blog, and even posts his videos on youtube, I highly recommend checking them out, if you care to look at the world from his perspective, and after that if you don’t have the urge to get a motorcycle and start riding then you have something wrong in you :P.

His Blog and his Youtube Channel .

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