Oct 072008

I got a mouse in my flat, my first mouse ever in Edinburgh for 2 years 1 month that I have been living here, which is by Edinburgh standards quiet amazing since I hear people having not just 1 mouse, but whole families of mice that live with them in “harmony”.

So I went to buy some traps, and got impressed by those high frequency noise emitters, after all they are expensive so they have to work! next morning I saw the fucker having a walk next to one.So today I went and bought some humane trap,basicaly its a tube that closes shut when a mouse enters, in the hope of releasing back to the “wild”.

Now the most funny thing, on the intructions paper it says that I should check the traps at least once every 6 hours to avoid distress to any captured mouse; here I was laughing my ass off: avoid distress to a mouse!!!! , that’s just hilarious, correct me if I am wrong, but now in the UK they can withhold a guy for 42 days without any charges what’s so ever…distress to a mouse…give me a fucking break!

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  6 Responses to “Humane!”

  1. But the mouse is innocent!! 😛

  2. So basically what they say is that anyone who sleeps for more than 6 hours at night should put an alarm in order to get up and check the trap in the middle of the night. Interesting…


  4. let the mouse rot!
    I wanna sleep!

  5. haha kodder loving your sense of humor 🙂

  6. This one is hilarious. Spot on! =)

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