Aug 262008

Some of the yous are mes, but none of the mes are yous.

Some of  the shes are yous,and one you is she.

Some of the yous are other yous, and none of yous are all yous.

Some of the yous are plural yous, and most yous are not the same yous.

That said:

1)I am killing you slowly.

2)I am Dominant again.

3)I have a drive again, I am restarting where I left of 13 years ago.

4)I owe you a lot, but now we have to change.

5)I owe you my life. I really do, you have no clue how much you did. Someday I hope to own you.

PS: no body ask about explanations. Thanks.

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  2 Responses to “It applies to the previous posts as well…”

  1. can you please explain what you just said!!

  2. i understand 🙂

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