May 112009

There are alot of Lebanese websites that I visit daily to get my compulsary updates of Lebanon. I visit several sites from opposing political points of views, just to see what each side has to say, then I try to take what’s common, most probably true, and what is different, which means it needs further looking up into; check inconsistency , holes, and previous news to see if its continuous or fishy.

One thing is common to all Lebanese media sites: visually, THEY SUCK.

They have great graphic designers, but very very very bad web designers and publishers. On most sites you see amazing pictures, banners, logos and what not; but regarding the total design, its crap, its cluttered, its full of advertisements that have nothing to do with what I am reading(meet muslim women from Lebanon as an example while reading some sinister news), flashing pictures, endless pages where I have to scroll down to reach the end, several columns, impossible navigation, and totally crap experience generally.

Its like a metaphor of Lebanon, if you focus on a few parts they are amazing, but as a whole its total crap, nothing works as it should, too chaotic, too flashy, too money oriented.


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  1. I SOO agree!! they horribly suck!!
    I found some decent organized websites and to my surprise, they’re Lebanese based 😀

  2. Cool!
    I found a few good websites, like isp homepages are usually good.
    But the news websites, tayyar, lebanese-forces, naharnet, future movement, etc. dailystar, nowlebanon, disasters!!!!!
    they are designs like personal pages, stats, dating links, google ads, inno wtf?

  3. thought startuplebanon… is just wordpress, so it doesn’t count.Sorry.

  4. interesting metaphor!

    mabrouk el new layout btw

  5. Just a random download from some theme site.
    its a bit buggy though.

  6. Dont worry! we got your back!

    Check and let us know what you think!

    Oh and plz read our moving mission statement! 😉


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