Oct 292007

People in here always ask me if we speak Arabic in Lebanon, and I always answer no we speak Lebanese and not Arabic, and I try to give phrases as examples.

Some Lebanese think they are very Arabic and always try to be sarcastic or laugh when I say Lebanese is not Arabic.

Well here is an interesting sites for you guys its called: Lebanese Etymology.

which has one specific article that you should all read: the Lebanese Language.

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  3 Responses to “Lebanese Language”

  1. we do speak arabic its not lebanese its just a different dialect than they speak in egypt or saudi…its essentially the same language though.

  2. you didn’t read the link, did you?

  3. i totally agree with you!
    i recently moved to lebanon
    and i’m doing this research about it
    and i keep thinking
    if a foreigner goes to syria and study arabic ( apparently thats where most ppl go to study arabic) it won’t help him anywhere because no body speaks the real arabic anymore and he wouldnt understand anything becuase we lost the language and distorted it.

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