Oct 062008

We middle eastern just love to fight, and if we don’t fight using  missiles and cluster bombs we find something else to fight about.

I was just reading some hilarious that some Lebanese union wants to sue Israel for stealing Lebanese food and market it as their own , as their own cuisine.At first glance you would think , yeah! in what right they do that?? we should sue their asses! the argument is that we Lebanese have been cooking these dishes for hundreds of years before even israel existed!

And there’s the fucking problem!! Lebanon is 5 years older than israel!!! Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine have been more or less counted as one unit for thousand of years! the Levant! we have the same food, the same culture, the same habits, and if you really want to dig it up, almost the same language etymology wise.What we cook, is that what all those newly found countries cook! the difference is a bit of extra salt here, a bit less of pepper there, one ingredient more or less just to reflect a certain area, I mean even in Lebanon kebbeh of the north is different than kebbeh of the south! the only truly dish that came 100% from the current lebanese with its current borders is the tabouleh! I am not sure about the baba ghanooj. But humus , falafel, shawarma, sheesh tawoo2 etc. are not a Lebanese invention! its something from the whole area!!!!

But hey at least we make them the best, and no body can deny that!

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  1. hehehe have u seen “You don’t mess with the zohan” ? hehehe it talks a bit about what you just said, and israel and the humus!!

  2. tabouleh also is cooked in syria jordan and palestine, and i don,t think that you have any proof of its origin from modern lebanon

  3. oo a syrian on my blog…

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