Dec 192006

I have been in Edinburgh for 3 months and a half now, and you know what? I got really relaxed pretty quickly to my less stressful lifestyle, stupid stuff that I have to take into account in lebanon are non existant here, stupid sectarianism, stupid politics, stupid traffic, stupid mentality, stupid showing off, I don’t miss them at all.
What a pity, Lebanon has the potential to be one of the best countries in the world, instead people just keep leaving it. What a disaster.
You know who stays in Lebanon?
1- People who are too poor to leave Lebanon.(aka not having enough money to pay for education outside)
2- People who are bound by their families and can’t leave Lebanon.
3- People who are corrupt and follow a certain leader who is providing them with on the side cash, and some power so they can live relaxed, corrupted and with an assholic attitude.

Other than that? people tend to leave to a stable country where they can work for what they are worth, live a relaxed life, have some decent services, and a potential good future (all non existant in lebanon).
Do I miss Lebanon? nope… not at all. I miss my family thought, and some of my friends…not all mind you. Some “friends”, not in the mood for them anymore, in the last few months I discovered how sectarian they are, and frankly I do not need such people around me.

I love Edinburgh, I love the scots, the city is beautiful, people are friendly, people are nice, life isn’t a permanent struggle in here… I just hope I find a job in here when I graduate, or at least find a job in a similar city.

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  1. I love Lebanon and all the shit in it, but I would like to retire in such region as Scotland…

  2. tfou 3leik talking about Lebanon like that 😛

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