Oct 042008

Today while I was working out at the gym, I was already becoming extremely tired and barely able to lift any weight anymore, so I went to the water fountain to drink some water, and there I see on the mat a guy doing sit-ups like a spring and he had a prosthetic arm: the guy was pretty in shape and I watched him move from machine to machine without skipping a beat and I thought to myself:  damn that guy is amazing, he is missing a whole limb and he still can workout faster and better than me, then I thought some more, I wish all lazy bastards who sit on the couch all day, that whine if they walk for 5 mins, take their cars for 1 km distance instead of walking, and haven’t been in a gym since their primary school, could actually see this guy. They would feel much shame.

Kudos to that guy :).

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  4 Responses to “Move your asses you lazy bastards!”

  1. Indeed. I knew someone like this at one of the previous gyms I used to attend.

  2. pretty inspiring isn’t it?

  3. kodder ana 3emletlak wa3za min hal no3 once before, remember! HAH

  4. heyyyyyyyyy who you callin’ a bastard!!! 😛

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