Sep 292008

I always had some ideas on how I want my funeral to be:

Since I am Atheist, I didn’t want anyone to pray for me or do any religious stuff to my body, or what ever religions say that people must do to the dead people. I wanted my internal organs to be donated, then the rest burnt, while if they can freese my brain, in hope of resurrection. As well no crying would be allowed, no black clothes, and a party should be held in my name.

I was laying in bed just now, trying to clear my head a bit from studying and I couldn’t sleep; But I realised one thing.I would be fucking DEAD! why on earth would I care what people would do to my body, if they pray or not, wear black clothes or not. Funerals are not for the dead, but for the people left behind. The whole ritual is to make the living more at ease, as if they are doing something. So, if you wanna pray, wear black, mourn etc. do it, its for you after all.Just one thing, I still insist on donating my internal organs.

Carpe Diem!

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  1. hehehe i would go with the first choice too, a party!!! some clowns!! well mainly a circus would be great if possible, if not just some drinks and get drunk and just be happy that i’m gone!!! I would love it to have some pizza, and buffet, not the original “La7em b3ajin”, chilli’s would be perfect too.
    Now what they do with my body, no open casket please, i’d rather not see you all be happy, just in case i’m still conscious during the process. No freezing, no cryogenics please, when i’m dead i’d rather stay dead.

  2. hey, this makes two of us since I intend to continue defying the norms when I’m dead. Let’s hope by then I’ve managed to score a few good mates who would follow my instructions.

    Organ donation: excellent. Must be encouraged.

  3. Psycho!!! but u already know it!!

  4. Joe: LOL
    Poshlemon: I am already on the organ donor list in the UK
    Krys: hah!

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