Feb 152009

I am always angry at Lebanon, always criticising it , always bashing it, always spitting fire at the Lebanese and their mentalities, always angry at our politicians, at the voters, at the sectarianism rising.

I thought I hate Lebanon and everything related to Lebanon.Now I know, I wouldn’t care at all if I hate it, I am angry at it because I love it.

I doubt I will ever return to live there…

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  4 Responses to “My Lebanon”

  1. hang in there…

  2. minimum… so you only realised this now? about coming back… you really really never know how things turn

  3. Although I’m from Holland, I still feel lebanon and my second home, I love it, more than Holland

  4. anyway, if you come around here for a visit, just give us a buzz, and let’s drink something 🙂

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