Jul 252012

I visited Vancouver last week, I really like it. Green, open space, ocean , mountains, polite people.I will try to move there 2013 or 2014.

I wanna take another vacation in mid September. Destination? I don’t know. Some possibilities:

1-France: Paris (got family there)

2-France: Alsace (got friends there, and they will be reading this here)

3-Scotland: Edinburgh (had a life there and friends)

4-Spain : not sure where.

5-Italy: not sure where

6-Sweden: Stockholm


  5 Responses to “New Destination?”

  1. Alsace! Beautiful beautiful Strasbourg and around, and you can fing ammmmmazing food, if you know where to look 😉 That’s my vote :p x

  2. Stop fingering food! 😛

  3. […] wrote this post 4 years ago, and I realised that I went to Paris twice, Alsace once, Edinburgh once (plus London), […]

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