Oct 282010

A year ago, I learned one of my biggest lessons and since then I changed a lot.Part because of bitterness, part because of anger, part because of sadness, but at the end it’s for the best.
Here is my lesson to you in a very crude analogy: Nice guys are like soft toilet paper, they are nice to touch, smooth on the sensitive areas, a good companion when you are getting rid of shit, but at the end they are like soft toilet paper, once they take and clean the shit away, they are thrown away.
Nice guys beware…

  3 Responses to “Nice Guys”

  1. Hey! I think your definition of ‘nice’ is distorted. I love nice guys/people in general. I would never “throw them away” for just being nice nor would anyone else. Being nice is not necessarily related to what you’re trying to say. Nice is a quality that may or may not be part of my definition below.

    Maybe you mean someone who is gullible, stupid, pleaser and with low self-esteem who doesn’t mind being the scapegoat because they rarely are able to stand up for themselves.

    Darl, that’s not being nice 🙂 That’s just being foolish.

  2. this post is directed for nice guys.
    They know themselves.
    Sorry as a woman you would not understand what I just wrote, guys in here means males, not persons.

  3. Amen to that bro!! it’s so true….

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