Apr 242015

As some of you know (and by “some” I mean 2 readers of my blog , out of 10 that is…) that I haven’t been happy since I moved to Montreal.
I find the city too boring(unless you are into clubbing,getting drunk, being stoned, or watching hockey), uncultured ( unless you consider people smoking weed and singing on the grass a culture…), extremely racist( don’t have to be sarcastic in here, anybody who googled anything about Montreal and Quebec can see them for themselves), shallow (reminds me a lot of Beirut), very corrupt (highest income taxes, but one of the worse in services, roads much worse than Lebanon), and going further in my career in this city will take too much effort for not much in return.
So, I decided to leave, in the next 6 to 8 months.
So the possible destinations are the following:

1-Toronto: the main city of Canada for businesses, everything is there, people are more tolerant, more mixed, career paths are much more available, etc. But with the some of the problems Montreal has.
2-Los Angeles: Clean, big city, lots of potential , but SHALLOW like hell.
3-San Francisco : Chill small city, full of nerds and geeks, high salaries, lots of potential for me, expensive as hell.
4-Edinburgh: My dear lovely city, I would be happy there, I have a social life there, but I know the salaries are pretty low.
5-Somewhere else? : If anybody has a suggestion, and no not Saudi , or Qatar… thank you very much…

In the mean time, I am “unrusting” my skills, I have been in my current job for 2 years and a half the exposure of newer technology in this company is rare (at best), I am guessing I need 2 or 3 months to catch-up, create some mock projects and apply them and cleaning up my CV and start searching…

I can’t wait…

Sep 062014

I am heading To London and Edinburgh…

I haven’t been in Edinburgh since I left it 5 years ago, I still have friends in there. I am excited 🙂


Jul 182014

I have been waiting for a couple of days for anything in the Lebanese news about this subject…but nothing…

Maybe Lebanese journalists don’t follow up on anything related to science and they prefer to follow what one of warlords ate for breakfast or which washout “singer” did today.

Anyways, Curiosity found an iron meteorite on Mars and it was named “Lebanon”.  If you don’t know what Curiosity is, GO AWAY!

Here is a link if you want to read more:  http://mars.nasa.gov/multimedia/images/?ImageID=6433

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Feb 062014

Everyday I read the news in Lebanon , not because I am interested in any of the shit that is going on there but because of the car bombs and suicide bombings that have been occurring in the last few weeks. My family still lives there after all.

And everyday I see crazy non political and non security related news , 21 year old marries 11 year old, some criminal gets detained so his family closes roads and burn tires until he is released and today I read about the teacher who was killed by her husband without an interference from the law. Lebanon is deteriorating, people are becoming more and more retarded, friends that were always like “we will never leave Lebanon” are urging people to leave for their own safety.

I have a suggestion… seems people are more interested in the after life than the current life so… if you are a criminal from any kind you should not get a religious burial, instead your body should not be buried at all, it should be tossed away like trash, no prayers allowed, no people allowed to even attend to it. Just get rid of the damn body.It might have more effect than the fear of the law…anybody protesting this will not get a religious burial either, anybody disobeying this law should be counted as a criminal as well his executed body tossed away like shit too.


fucking nuts… fucking religion… fucking brainwashed idiots… fucking …fucking…fucking…


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Oct 262013

there has to be something more to life than working 9 to 5…(read 10 to 7), then go home and sit in front of the TV or computer.

I have been watching Californication season 4 and you know what? his life is fucked up and all but he has a good life.

If he used it properly that is, no boss, no office, no 9 to 5, free to do what he wants during the day, chill, etc. etc.

I want a life like this, and frankly my domain is not the way to do it. Even if I want to generate “passive income” I still need to work quite a bit daily just to keep infrastructure/code/maintenance/moderation up.

I need to find something…


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