May 162008

Something weird is going in Lebanon…

As most of you Facebook users know that the fastest way to know the general feeling of Lebanese population is having a quick glance at their status;

A few days ago, the status were agressive, each taking a side, insulting the others with the nastiest words (animals, traitors, barbarians etc.), people created groups to insult the others, friends were separating and sort of becoming enemies…

Today? the same Lebanese that were taking sides and not bulging , united in one thought: Hope the plane that has the “leaders” on crash/go to hell/burn/ explode etc.

Are the people waking up? or what? or maybe they were taking sides because of peer pressure? (yeah stupid idea, I know…or maybe not)

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  5 Responses to “Peer pressure?”

  1. they’re not waking up.
    You’ve been in Lebanon long enough to realize that people here are sheep.
    They can’t think on their own. If there’s someone to follow, they will follow.

  2. No we’re just idiots in general and never wake up, we’re sheep w bass

  3. wow i just noticed I almost said the same thing as Chady!

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