Aug 282006

Single lebanese male pervert. 25 years. 180 cm , 79 kgs.
wants Single female pervert from 21 till 27. between 165 cm to 185 cm.
for short to medium range relationship (hehe katyusha :P) with plenty of sex and kinkiness.
Expected to be both naked(or in kinky outfits) 100% of the time while at home :P.
Any takers?

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  4 Responses to “Personal Ad”

  1. Kodder,

    Pretty explicit request. There’s no way anyone would enter this relationship confused.

  2. yep yep.
    I am always direct to the point :P.

  3. 2lel yalli bikouno wad7ine…

  4. What refreshing honesty!
    What astonishing explicitness!
    What unusual straightforwardness!

    Good luck finding that rare pearl 😀

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