Oct 152010

There are 4 types of phd student wannabes

1-The Academic: This the only phd student wannabe that actually wants to have a phd for realistic reasons, for a purpose. Usually a well balanced , hard working person, with a bit of eccentricity . Alot of times they are returning students, coming back to do a phd after some years at work.

2-The Immature: That one just doesn’t want to face the real world, so chooses to stay in Academia just to delay the inevitable.

3-The Delusional: The one that thinks that having a phd degree will open the road for better positions and better salaries, not realising that a phd will over qualify him them for most work and if they get hired they will ge the minimal salary that they would have gotten if they got a BS degree.

4-The dreamer: the person who would save the world with a phd.

Type 1 is the rarest…

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