Apr 262007

You know what pisses me off? People insisting on declaring their “devotion” to their God on every chance they can get.

Some examples:

1)I was driving to see some my friends (watch the insertion here) after praying in [insert religious place here], when bla bla bla happened.

2)Wanna what happened today? on my noon break, we went eating, but we went to the [religious place] first and prayed before of course (pause), and then bla bla bla happened.

Other examples hinting that I should be more religious:

1)-Why aren’t you fasting? its Ramadan you know

-(me giving them the usual answer that they already know since ever)…

– But can’t you at least try?


2)-Do you know how to pray?


-You should Learn then…(insisting on the “should”)

-No thanks.

-You want to go to heaven, don’t you?

-Nope, Hell has all the bad and naughty girls…much better.


And not forgetting the countless invitation to go pray with them as if its going to a nightclub or something…

Why don’t people understand : I AM FUCKING ATHEIST.

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