Mar 122007

I have a problem, I can never do something unless really challenged: I was like that since school, on hard classes I would ace them, easy classes barely pass…
Now I am having the same problem with working out, its boring me.
So…my French athlete flatmate gave me a good challenge. a Triathlon in 6 months…
so…Guess who is doing a triathlon in 6 months? (hint: you are reading his blog now).
It’s gonna need a lot of training since I can barely run for 10 mins, I have good physical strength but no stamina at all.
Oh well :)…that will soon be changed 🙂

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  2 Responses to “Problems leading to good things…”

  1. Ana kamen!

    Yalla do it!

  2. akeed :),I am starting training for it in 4 hours from now :).
    its gonna be intense, the way I like it.

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