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They say that in like 10 years, Scientists will find a way to extend the human lifespan for up to 150 years. So me as a 30 year old, I could potentially have 120 more years to live (If I don’t die in a motorcycle accident). Same for most people.
So in those 120 years, Scientists might as well discover a way to extend the life for another 500 years. Then in those 500 years , they might discover a way to live millennia, and then maybe even become immortals.

So my question is, lets say that this becomes a reality, what do religious people do? The whole point of religion is to give believers a set of rules to abide by that stamps them as “good” to be able to book a seat in the supposed heaven.(help the poor to go to heaven is not really being good right?) So what would they do? they are immortals, they can’t kill themselves to go to heaven because it’s a sin. So basically they are stuck or they can go to the supposed hell.

Any ideas?

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  2. My random thoughts on tbis

    1.too much frustration will built up which will be awarded by doubling the number of virgins they get in “heaven”
    2. No enough resources for that so this whole scientific innovation is a waste unless we will be programmed to live without food,land, climate etc…. Hence we will be another human experiment
    3. Doesn’t immortality by itself , indicate the absence of GOD then? As such , religion will disappear I guess
    4.wouldn’t people be unable to kill themselves even if they want to?
    5. 500 years? Damn this is boring … We will reach a plateau of arts, music, productivity etc…

  3. Sam hehe

    1-LOL. yep 🙂
    2-They just found a planet similar to ours 600 years away, so lets just pretend we find unlimited resources, one or another.
    3-I am Atheist, and now you can’t prove an existence of any deity. But still that doesn’t stop billions of people from governing their entire lives upon it. I wonder if they would be convinced by then by “growing up”
    4-Religious people think it’s a sin to kill themselves.
    5-Maybe… or maybe we will find amazing things because we have enough time to explore them. Things that our mortal selves cannot comprehend yet. (I am also assuming that we can increase our intelligence in way or another (brain implants?)

  4. This thought is very entertaining !
    3- hm… Do we needed to wait 500 years for them to grow up!! Use the brain implants to control their thoughts w khalas.
    4. Depending on the cause I may add… is not a sin to bomb urself against ” infidels” (given ur a nationalist) versus it is sinful to decide to end your life for your own reasons. Although the latter is better justified
    5- good point !
    However,who controls the brain implants?

    forward your thought question to southpark! I think cartman has a better envision than us humans

  5. hehe

    3- Tempting. But if we control their thoughts with implants. We wouldn’t be much different than religion.They have to realise it themselves.

  6. It seems to me that atheists are getting dumber and dumber by the year. If your one of the idiot atheists that says there is no evidence for a deity then you really haven’t done your homework much and your basically regurgitating the same old arguments that idiots like hit hens and Dawkins keep using.

    If you turned on those 3 little brain cells in your head you would understand that the universe is headed for heat death eventually and material immortality is an impossibility.

    The great atheist philosopher of the last half of the 20th century saw this when he converted from atheism to deism and wrote a book called there is a God.

    The shroud of turin is another evidence that points to a specific deity, but then again I wouldn’t consider the shallow brain dead atheists in here to know anything about it.

    Aristotles argument from the prime mover is another.

    I have always believed that atheism is an emotional world view from an infantile brain that never grew up and was incapable of rational Thought.

    The only thing I do agree with you about is that most lebanese are extremely shallow,(being lebanese myself I know them very well), but to be lebanese and an atheist puts you at the bottom of the intellectual as well as the spiritual garbage dump lol

    • This is the funniest thing ever written on my blog.
      you haven’t said anything actually.
      Other than the insults of course that people who do not believe in deities have infantile brains, unlike people who believe that there is an invisible being that creates gay people but then sends them to hell for example.
      have you even read any of the scriptures? they are full of hate.
      Anything that doesn’t conform for what ever they are writing deserves death or eternal roasting in hell.
      good luck in your life. I approved all your comments so people can comment on them.

    • I really laughed at the infantile brain part I must say … especially since religion is supposed to be talking about “the love of god” and as Wissam mentioned it, in fact is nothing more than a continuity of threats : you don’t do that, you will burn. Yep, you will. And for “eternity”. (quite a long time, no ?)

      So who have an issue, the one who after reading it all, says that this is full of incoherences or the one who mock him without even reading anything ? I wonder … yes … I wonder … who is the retarded child in this schoolyard … the one yelling all along MY FATHER IS THE STRONGER !!! Or, the one who actually bring the man with him and says : here, that’s my dad, where is yours ?!

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