Jan 112007

what is the percentage of success for a long distance relationship?

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  1. 🙂
    almost null 🙂
    i know. it sucks. same here.

  2. it depends really. did u have a relationship with the person in the same country to start off with? how close are u? communication wise? will u end up in the same country?
    and the bottom line? is this relationship making you feel good? if yes, enjoy it while it lasts. who knows if any relationship would last?!

  3. 😛 Laila…khabbit lazi2.

    answering rampurple.

    2)Used to be very close,now not alot.
    3)will I end up the same country? if we get back together, I make it a goal to meet in the same country.
    4)and yes the relationship made me feel damn good.
    damn it I wanna buy a concorde…

  4. It’s difficult believe me even if you’re deep in love with each other. Especially if thinking on the long term. More problems will arise if you’re from two different countries and two different religions. It won’t be on the personal level, it will be more on the social and family ones…

  5. we are both lebanese 😛

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