Feb 042007

-I like going out, it doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter what time, it doesn’t matter if the thing I am doing is amazing or not, the only thing that matters for me is the company.That’s why almost always when someone makes up a plan to go out, I say yes. Even if i don’t like the music type, or don’t like the food or whatever; what matters for me is that i am surrounded by friends.

-I Went to Ikea yesterday: first time ever. Its interesting, some nice funny stuff, crazy stuff, crazy colors, and cool stuff too. Basically you can buy all your furniture there. I was there to get a lamp, but for some reason I felt the urge to start buying furnitures. I almost 26 year old, and still never bought furniture, while I see people my age in Edinburgh, with huge flats, steady girlfriends/wives, cars etc. all bought from their own money and not from parents like most Lebanese in their 20s do.I want my own house damn it.

-Yesterday I was at a reggae night, in celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday (yeah yeah I know its on the 6th but it happened that the 3rd is a Saturday).I am not a big fan of reggae, but for some reason I was dancing like hell (my typical stripper type of dancing), I danced so much that the wounds in my feet started bleeding again, and I had bloody socks when I returned home, but hey who cares it was a fun night.

-Don’t walk with boots without socks, even for 30 mins; that’s why I have wounds on my feet and believe me they are PAINFUL.

-I had the first taste of cider yesterday. yummy, I like it. (for the Lebs: its Beera 3a teffe7 :P).We have that in Lebanon but for reason it has no alcohol, umm bleh.

-I met a friend a few days ago, and she told me that legally I am allowed to stay 2 more years in Scotland after I graduate to work.Frankly that’s what i will do it seems. Since Lebanon is out of the question, I wanted to go to Dubai for some reason,but that reason seems gone now :(.

-Yesterday before the club I was with some friends that I basically met once before in a comedy club. Some of the things were funny, other things I couldn’t understand (they were Scottish inside jokes), anyway that’s not the point.The point is how easy you get to know girls in here, we were sitting at the table and the club was full, we had one empty chair where we put all our jackets on, I turned around and I saw a girl standing up with no chair, so I removed the jackets and waived her to come sit with us, and she did she ended up going to the club with us and danced with us for hours, and we made a new friend.
That would be too hard to happen in Lebanon, First a girl alone would never go out, she either has to be with her guy, or a group, or group of Similarly clothed/painted girls.Second if I did that move with a Lebanese girl she would have probably stared at me (for the Lebs, totri2ne ja2rah) and then refuse to sit, well you know I might eat her or something (funny thing girls in here want exactly that :P),well I have met a few exceptions in Lebanon but I am taking the general population here. oh well…their loss, I eat good :P.

-I decided to get my driving license in here, it would be fun to drive on the other side of the road. I have the NEED to drive, I see all those places around me that are too far to walk to, I just need to drive in green Scotland.

-After I get my car driving license, I am gonna get my motorcycle license :).

-You know when you want something that you cannot have, and if you are trying to forget it, but for some reason every few hours there is something that you see or hear that reminds of that something. Well its pissing me off…

-I need a new computer.

-I am hungry now, I should go and do some groceries shopping…

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  1. Sorry didn’t read all your post, but I can tell you that I can’t wait till the moment I buy a house (when I decide if am gonna live in Lebanon or abroad) and start buying furniture! akhhhhhhhh White couch 😀 leather! modern style!

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