Jun 062009

One of my good friends works in an IT company in charge of several employees and today he pasted something for me because he was so frustrated by a reply he got.

The following is his irc chat log and I changed his nickname, and the address details and country but leaving the important thing…

15:55 < Frustrated> oy
15:56 < Frustrated> I sent our a form to be filled out by employees, here’s how
it goes:
15:56 < Frustrated> 1. Street: Pleasance Street
15:56 < Frustrated> 2. POBOX: 48292012
15:56 < Frustrated> 3. Zip Code: 490239032
15:56 < Frustrated> 4. City: New York
15:57 < Frustrated> 4. State: Married
15:57 < Frustrated> 5. Country: United States
15:57 < Frustrated> —
15:57 < Frustrated> logical ey?
15:57 < Frustrated> State _Married_
15:57 < Frustrated> ffs

Some people are complete retards…

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  1. lol mni7 yalli ma 7attoulo
    state: depressed

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