Jun 082009

For every retard who has been following the same path for the last few decades, following the same people, being blind to every thing happening around them.

For every retard that accepts things as they are, vote for the same people again and again.

For every retard who knows only how to follow, follow a color, follow a retarded criminal leader.

For every retard that ruined Lebanon and made it unbareable to live there.

For every retard who is happy with the way its going in Lebanon and think that there is nothing wrong in this country, and every person who doesn’t like the way it is just weird or worse.

For you dear retards, watch this movie… hopefully it will snatch you out of your retardation…


  8 Responses to “Retards…”

  1. W. you know very well that moving yourself from a country to another where you can “vote” for the people you want doesn’t change you from who you are, and doesn’t make you better, if anything it’s the other country that is giving you this chance, you cannot take the credit.

    However if you think there is something wrong with your country, YOUR country, then come at least try to make a change, you can do little things.

    Plus, just a note, I think there are a LOT of things that are wrong in this country, and there are so many amazing places out there, but Lebanon is my home…

    If you think people outside are not sheep, they’re sheeps in their own way as well you know, they got used to their system… Being a follower or not is an individual choice, and just because you want to make your own decisions you cannot go about this life in the wrong direction, because that would mean you’re following it so you can do the exact opposite.

    Ra7 eskout ktir 7kit πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Retard you’ve known for 5 years or so

  2. Dear Ms Retard that I have known for 11 years,
    I would have gone back if I see people who are not retards and willing to change Lebanon, unfortunatly all left, and who ever stayed just don’t bother they are too busy going to gymmayzeh , getting paid by their warlords, or simply too blind to notice how retarded Lebanon has become.
    From 2000 till 2005 I had the best years of my life in Lebanon, but Lebanon is not a country, its a place full of retarded people fighting for nothing, eahc following a real country on the oustide trying to make Lebanon like it, whether Arab, American, Iranian or what ever, and the retards keep voting for them.
    I appreciate you stop the preaching, trying to make yourself look better because you stayed. but no thanks, life is short , too short to try to change a people that do not want to be changed.
    I will wait for the time where they all become humans or wipe each other out then come back.

  3. Ma3ak 7a2, 11 years πŸ™‚

    But hmmm I am not trying to make myself better because I stayed, not true at all. And I am trying to tell those who left not to pretend to be better because they left. Irregardless of in reality who is better than who based on who they are.

    Are you saying because I stayed in Lebanon I am a person who is busy going to gemmayze, getting paid by my warlord or simply blind to notice how retarded Lebanon has become? heh I thought you knew me a bit more than that.

    I know why you got upset and you know it too, if I am such a retard, why did I bother you with what I said?

    Anyway I will stop the preaching, don’t worry πŸ™‚

  4. It bothered me, because you still don’t understand me at all.
    no body hates if he doesn’t care.
    Lebanon went from the best country in the middle east and can I get extend it to say the entire mediterreanean, to a shit hole!
    By its own people!!!!!
    How can I not be angry? of course I have to be upset, and who ever is NOT upset is not Lebanese!
    I prefer having Lebanon on how it should be in my own mind, than living in place that has only the name in common with the previous Lebanon.
    Instead of trying to preach to me, go preach for someone who is waving a stupid colorful flag instead of the Lebanese flag.
    Even for the people who say that they are not taking sides, I know that they already following a side or another, including you!

  5. hmm who said I dont “preach” people carrying colorful flags?

    Mitel ma bi oulo, we’re choosing “ahwan el sharren”, but even, I repeatedly said I do not approve of the system and I did not want to vote

    And I know very well that if you didn’t care in the first place you wouldn’t bother talking about Lebanon, i was being provocative on purpose.

    How do you think it feels when you tell me you HATE Lebanon, the country I am living in, which is your country at well. What did you expect me to say?

    Plus, you would have liked Lebanon if it had more jobs using the UNIX OS!

  6. ahwan el sharren is the excuse that everybody is saying, we hate hezbollah then we go for march 14, we hate lebanese forces then we go for march 8.
    But at the end you are voting for two evils! for once I want to see people voting for independents! they got 2 seats! just 2 seats!!!!
    That’s no excuse what’s so ever! its not either/or, you can vote for neither!
    This is not a situation of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, since both sides are enemies of Lebanon.
    So I am sorry, until people change this mentality, I will always HATE Lebanon.
    And just for your information, Lebanon without its people is just a land, and I love that Land, its the most beautiful place on earth, or what is left from its greenerie, destroyed mountains, nature full of mines and bomblets, and totally ruined coast and sea.
    Lebanese are Lebanon! I really hate Lebanese, thus I hate Lebanon!
    My Lebanon is outside its current borders, it inside the LEbanese that traveled abroad and took the good side of Lebanon with them.And no, I do not mean people who killed tons and escaped to other countries because they are criminals. I am speaking of Lebanese who could not bare looking at Lebanon in its current state and traveled in the 70s and 80s and made amazing societies around the world, with our great folklore still living inside them. Not the tijgeel on saturday night, not the stupidity, not the sectarianism, not the corruption, not the tatraneh, not the disgusting behavior, etc.
    I am a true Lebanese. People who like either sides are NOT.

  7. Ok πŸ™‚

  8. Kodder you make complete sense here. Yalleh metlak 3anjad fashet khele2. Unfortunately, you are a rarity. Lebanese here live in complete oblivion. Whatever… And like you, this hurts me because care. And speaking out doesn’t mean I hate Lebanon/Lebanese. It means I am trying to stir things up from the mundane reality this place suffers from.

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