Apr 292009

Self appointed Elites are people who think they are born Elites, more majestic than anyone else, born to do great deeds.There are special conditions to be born Elite, on top of being born to a family of Elites (From both of sides, or you would be only looked down upon from the Elites), you have to follow certain rules and certain traditions that are completely illogical and meaningless for non-Elites, but only Elites understand them simply because of their superiority.

Everybody hates Elites, not because they were treating the non-elites badly, but because they live only together, they don’t allow non-elites to mix with them, they hide everything from non-elites, they do not trust non-elites, they do not marry non-elites, they think that non-elites traditions are stupid and illogical, and they make such extreme rules for accepting non-elites into their group , test them, poke them, making their life miserable by making them follow rules that only a small minority of them bother to do.

But Elites still don’t know why non-elites hate them…

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