Jul 122007

There is something worrying me lately, there has been some movements for people just to accept being obese, fat and lazy and its turning to be some kind of people making as if its sexy to be obese, or people want to be with other obese people.Some Media are broadcasting to accept that you are obese and not let the skinny people make you feel bad and accept who you are…

What a bunch of smelly crap…

That’s a quitter attitude, instead of stop gulping food that can make a small village in Africa survive for a month in just one day , and instead of moving your fucking ass a bit for that 100 meters shop and not take the car, or go to the gym, eat healthy food etc… you just quit, blame the skinny people that they are cruel for something you did to yourself (no body other than you shoved that entire bucket of chicken wings up your mouth idiot!!), and make it as if its hot to be full of fat, cholesterol, and laziness.

Way to go, and who gets to pay for you treatment when your extra cheese, extra pepperoni, extra junk pizza becomes heavy on your heart? the other tax payers.

Just move your fat ass for fuck sakes.

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