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  1. interesting.

    1st time.

  2. did you get it?

  3. Not to sound geeky, but the equations contradict each other.

  4. True true :).

  5. I didn’t get it :s

  6. mathematically speaking:

    if IxP = 0 then either I or P equals 0. now since (IL+P)xIR=1 then if P=0 it leads to ILxIR = 1 but you said that IRxIL=0 so we deduce that P is not equal to zero which leaves us with I = 0.

    again, if IRxIL=0 then either IR or IL equals 0. now since (IL+P)xIR=1 then it is impossible for IR to be equal to 0 leaving us with IL=0.

    you say IR+IL=I. IL=0 as per above then IR+0=I. I=0 as per above thus IR=0 too.

    thus it is impossible for this equation to hold: (IL+P)xIR=1
    because if IR=0, (IL+P)xIR=0 not 1

    I always was a math freak 🙂 sorry could not help it.

    luv ya man

  7. The equations are logical not mathematical 🙂

  8. Kodder,


    and you’re asking?

    other than the obvious fact that the equations don’t make sense, of course I didn’t get it.

  9. woohoo

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