Feb 242009

1)Find a nice job advert that suits most of your skills.

2)Send your CV with a very enthusiastic cover letter.

3)wait for first filtering from recruitment agency.

4)get informal phone interview, if successfull, your CV would be sent to the company

5)wait for second filtering from company.

6)get request from company for interview

7)go to interview

8)sit for an hour to two hours test

9)get nerves breaking interview in front of 6 to 7 people , all in suits with tons of experience.(all frowning)

10)finish the interview, not knowing if you did good or bad.

11)wait for the result.

12)if lucky, very very lucky, you get a job with the minimum salary in the range.

13) you get a 3 to 6 months probation where you have to work harder than anyone else just to prove yourself.

14)you realise the salary is not enough, you start buying things on credit.

15) you work extra hours so you pay back the credit.


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